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A Cash Shop is Being Considered

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    July 10, 2021 10:23 AM PDT

    bigdogchris said:

    One of the good points I see being made as well is, just because other companies have done cash shops and are doing 'wrong' to the gamer, that doesn't mean everyone should just lay down and give up and accept that they are here.

    Look man, here's the truth:

    I'm only "tolerant" of cash shops due to being forced to accept them from game companies shoving them into the game I liked at the time. I don't like Level Boosts, EXP Boosts, Mounts, Armor, Emotes, Race Change, Class Change, or basically anything in a Cash Shop but over the years you can see 'cash shops' basically everywhere now, including single player games and while I don't like it nor want it in any of my games. I usually just bite my lip and try and compromise to lessen the severity of the Cash Shop, even though most companies don't listen to people like me (ex:ffxiv, bdo, and even wow) unless i'm the vocal majority which i'm not in this generation of gaming. so basically people like me are like a beaten dog at this point, we just lost all hope and stopped actually believing that it won't be in a game in some degree. so while I personally wouldn't want any cash shop in the game and would be 100% fine with a Sub+Box Price+Expansion Purchase deal, it's never going to happen because gamers now a days are fine with nearly anything being on the cash shop... including ingame currency, which skyrockets the income generated with the product when compared to the non-cash shop model and thus gives the company more incentive to keep adding more things to the cash shop which I don't like but I guess that ultimately doesn't matter in this generation of gaming now, does it? 

    if your fine with cash shops then great, your in the majority. 
    but most that are against cash shops have basically nowhere to go besides private servers for mmos. 

    If VR wants to cater to a demographic of gamers that have been ignored since 2010 (aka the peak of mmos) then they shouldn't add in a Cash Shop but we all know that the money generated by having a Cash Shop is very enticing for companies, so I doubt they won't add it in the game. whatever though, i'm going back to gaming. 

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