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The first warning bell..

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    June 11, 2016 11:18 AM PDT

    Ahh I see I thought it was possibly somehow in reference to the overall pet conversation. Got it.

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    June 11, 2016 11:27 AM PDT

    Nimryl said:

    After reading through this post again. I think VR could have been alittle bit more professional in their responses.. as they may have now lost a customer over a mistake on bothside. Think of it from Aenra's perspective.. a senior dev has put the spotlight on him/her.. due a semi-mistake on both sides (both mistakes cancel each other out in my opinion). If that was me; I might leave the game and be slightly upset by.. which when you think about it.. over something like this? it really isnt worth it. It really isn't worth leaving an epic game over something like this... especially if the game might be a game that you'll enjoy and play for a very long time.

    I don't judge Aenra or VR. It was a concern on Aenra's behalf due to unspecific information.. and because they cared for the game.. they wanted to highlight it to others.. (hence the "alarmist" title, which really was a _underlined concern_). Were all different, we all think in different ways. It's like holding up those psycological cards.. we all interpret information differently.

    Elephant? Demon? Bat? Fox Cubs? etc

    My point is.. Aenra you shouldn't leave over this.. if you're considering it. Not worth it.


    I just see Rorshach.

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    June 11, 2016 3:53 PM PDT

    Pantz said:


    The part from your original post on pets that was unclear for me was the Persistent Pets.

    Persistent pets are more typically associated with the player character’s race and not class

    - this initially sounds like any class can get them

    Some persistent pets will fight with you. -- the pet could level up and become more and more formidable.

    - this is the part where the misunderstanding happened for me. putting 2 and 2 together with the previous part looked like as if any class could get a pet that will fight and level up with them.

    It's still a bit unclear for me. If they are more typically associated with players race and not class then are they different from the ones posted in your class pet lists? Do all classes have access to them or no? (You don't have to answer, this is just what is unclear for me and possibly where others tripped up from the original post).

    I could be entirely misinterpreting what Brad said, but my guess is that it isn't so much *having* a pet is associated more typically with the character's race than it is the type, or species if you will, of that variety of pet which is race-related. For example, Brad said that Druids are traditionally likely to have a combat pet. (Caveat: He actually just said "very traditional" in his class list, and I'm the one extrapolating here for my example by assuming it's a combat pet.)

    Let's assume for this example that both Dark Myr and Halflings can choose to be Druids. Perhaps early in the Druid's life, he forms a very close bond with an animal--so close, in fact, that it no longer seems wild, but can be trained to assist the Druid in myriad ways. It values the Druid's presence in its life as much as the Druid values its presence, and becomes a protector of sorts. So, our young Dark Myr is not quite strong enough to wander far from safety, and thus revisits the same areas quite often. In his travels along the shore, he frequently encounters a beast much like an American crocodile. He feels a growing kinship with this croc, since they have much in common. Like others of their race and breed, neither are terribly friendly to outsiders, they are both comfortable on land and in the sea, quietly lurking in a sometimes predatory fashion, fierce in battle with little warning they're about to strike. Over time, they form a bond of mutual trust and respect, growing with each other. Amid the oversized flora and fauna of Wild's End, our young Halfling friend has perhaps formed a similar bond with a large flying fox, each considering the other part of her own family and colony in the tree tops. The crocodile is maybe more obviously combat-appropriate, biting its (and the druid's) foes, but the flying fox could contribute in battle as well--not as much with biting at enemies to damage them, but by lowering the enemy's damage output as it swoops at foes, screeching and nipping, distracting in its relentless assault.

    Each of these pets, however, is more typically associated with a particular race. The Dark Myr might find the flying fox an incredible annoyance, and have no intuitive grasp of a life spent so much in the air, in the trees, so crowded and seemingly frivolous. The Halfling might see the crocodile and immediately look for cover, fearing her life might end as afternoon snack. Neither race is likely to bond with the other's chosen companion because they don't share the same common ground.

    As far as collecting a variety of pets is concerned, let's suppose the two druids each plan a venture to the frozen north. Neither of their pets would fare well in that climate. Perhaps, since they're no longer strictly wild animals, the druids each return their pets to their natural habitats, with the comforting knowledge gained by their long-held bond that they will reunite later. The druids might approach the icy reaches slowly, learning about the area and its wildlife, and with greater ease born of experience with their first pets, begin a new bond with another animal more suited to the climate.

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    June 11, 2016 6:43 PM PDT


    Very reasonable and very cool interpretation. It fits, and prosnally I hope you are spot on!