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Crafting Showcase

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    November 15, 2018 4:26 PM PST

    Bazgrim @BazgrimTV just hosted an interview with VR’s Director of Communications Ben Dean @BenDeanReality on his twitch channel discussing the upcoming Pantheon Streamer Program.

    Near the end during the question phase a question was asked by redpandabear82: Will we get crafting showcases during the streamer program or will it mostly be grouping and social activities?

    And Ben responded with this: I don’t see why crafting couldn’t be showcased at one point once its ready. Like every aspect of the game I believe everything deserves it time in the spotlight.

    This sounds great to me and I’m looking forward to watching this stream in the future. What about you? Would you like to see crafting showcased in the streamer program?

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    November 16, 2018 3:28 PM PST

    I'm no crafter, but I'd like to see that and the various types of gathering when they are ready to be shown. From what we already know crafting will be more interesting than having the right ingredients, clicking the recipe and waiting five seconds for it to be made.