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Races not that different in size? :(

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    April 6, 2017 12:38 AM PDT

    In original EQ the size difference between the races was huge. Their cities were built to this accordingly, with an Ogre having no chance of fitting into the Gnome city for example. Each city was a different cultural and size experience which made the variations between all the races (at least visually) much more interesting.

    However, I've seen the image with the lineup of all the Pantheon races and even a human is close to the height of an Ogre, and a gnome the same height as a Halfling. Was this image not accurate? The races being closer in size is a step in the wrong direction. The day I'm able to look into a group of players and have trouble distinguishing the difference between a Halfling and a Gnome will be a bad day. In fact, it will make me miss original EQ again which I thought this game was honoring.

    I've not played this game yet but are the heights really as close together as they look?

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    June 30, 2017 8:08 PM PDT


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    July 1, 2017 9:16 PM PDT

    First thing, nobody but the developers and some special selected guests have played the game.  :)

    What we also haven't seen is the races standing next to each other in the game either to see what their true sizes are relative to each other.  We cannot be certain that the races portrait shows the correct relationship.  That said, I'm in agreement that the differences in size should be significant in that, as you point out, Ogres in the Gnome village shouldn't be able to squeeze through the doors while Gnomes in Ogre village shouldn't even be able to reach the doorknobs.


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    July 2, 2017 9:42 AM PDT

    That image is a little outdated. The relative size is not final and should not be treated as absolute truth. It's more conceptual.

    From Istuulamae:

    "The art and 'Lineup' of the new website was done as a first pass rendering of each race. One aspect that has already been reviewed internally is the relative height of each race as depicted in the lineup wallpaper -- specifically the Halflings. By launch, the Halflings will be one of the shortest two races, as it stands right now. While the lore may not be clear enough, both the size and appearance of their physical maturity was "halved". Rest assured: they will be small, not tall."


    "We will have race-specific sliders that will allow for reasonable and appropriate variance... I can't say whether or not the norms of the final iteration will be more to your liking, but I can say that we're not done tinkering with proportions, relative size and so on."

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