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    December 13, 2016 7:56 AM PST

    I was wondering what people think of alchemy as a way to combat the atmospheres in game.  My idea would be to make single hit pots that can be used I  order to survive the different climites in game.  at least until the player gets to quest or craft a more permanent solution.  of course the recipient should change for every different climate and tier and the higher the tier the higher the rarity of ingredients to make said pots should be. 


    If this has been brought up before placing disregard, otherwise what u all think...

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    December 13, 2016 9:44 AM PST

    I think this should absolutely be a thing. I would be surprised and disappointed if it wasn't. Kinda seems like a given.

    Endure cold, endure heat, etc. effects (spells, potions, gear, etc.) seem to be pretty underwhelming in most games if you ask me. This seems like a perfect opportunity to make them more of an important tool.

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    December 15, 2016 4:54 PM PST

    Hey everyone. Sounds great. Alchemy for atmospheres use. Of course getting the material, componets would be something. But i dont see why not. It may have to be mid to higher levels maybe, i dont know. Shouldn't be something you can craft at low levels thou. But yeah that would be something to see.

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    February 24, 2017 11:39 AM PST

    I for one will be a alchemyst, for the simple fact that i see alot of the uses of it as a profession in most mmo's i could definitely see alchemy playing a vital role in survivability


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    February 24, 2017 7:54 PM PST

    I think this would be part of the balancing act. I hate to bring up "balancing" but I see it in this way.  Taking as example the second twitch where they went into the dark worshiper bandit place.

    A Druid might be able to cast buffs that would impact your outside.

    For instance  Druids "cloak of Summer" to allow you to withstand a cold environment as if -shielded from- .  You can move as normal but acting or casting may pop the bubble, making you prone to the environment. So with the druid buff, you could run through- maybe pull and fight outside the environment unscathed. but if you had the buff and broke the buff through casting or engaging, you woud be affected by slow and health drain.

    THe Alchemist potions impact your inside.

    The alchemist, however,  can create a potion that will allow you to aclimate to the environment for a short time- you are still affected, but suffer no loss. I can see the potion alowing them to enter the area- still be affected by the area in slowing down, but not having their health drop along with slowing down. So with the potion you could fight in the environment- albeit slowly-(taxing on the healer) unless you were able ot get a haste buff in addition to the potion.

    - heh If a shaman in group, Shaman makes potions, you all drink potions, no haste available, you enter the enviroment, the shaman slows the monster in the environment- and you're all fighting slow!- so its the same as if outside the environment, just takes longer- haha! 


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    February 25, 2017 12:13 AM PST

    I am never keen on potions/spells that confer 'immunity'... but:

    Lesser Potion of : adds +50 acclimation to

    Moderate Potion of : adds +150 acclimation to

    Greater Potion of : adds +450 acclimation to

    This way there is a progression for both the player and the alchemist. There is need for better and better potions to help in higher/harsher acclimation zones. Instead of addint to 'acclimation', they could instead 'reduce effects by X %'. That way, YOUR accliamtion allows you certain levels of freedom, while the potion reduces any 'extra' you cannot handle.

    The exception is likely to be 'Water breathing' hehe. Luckily this is not an 'atmosphere' as such!

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    February 26, 2017 6:29 PM PST

    Whater breathing can have levels as well, granting longer stay times and/or faster swim speeds.

    I don't like this idea of "Players should be able to do X, but THEY SHOULD HAVE TO BE AT SUPER HIGH LEVELS TO DO SO!!" that a lot of people seem to have.  A level 10 alchemist should be able to craft a minor/lesser (whichever is the smallest) potion of resist cold.  There's nothing wrong with that.  Everyone will know it's only useful in a pinch or in more moderate climates.  This can be done with essentially any class of potion:

    Weak < Minor < Lesser < "Normal" (Potion of.../Flask of...) < Greater < Major < Powerful < Primal < Dragonic < Celestial Potion/Flask of Reisist Cold

    That's a simple model that allows low level crafters to make things that are useful in niche situations and yet requires higher level crafters to give you the best and most powerful of creations.  You could even have separate lines, for example, a potion that has a shorter duration (10-20 minutes) but has a stronger effect vs a flask that has a longer duration (1-2 hours) but a weaker effect for the same power level. long as they remember to start the game with only the first 4, leaving room for expansion/growth later (watching WoW try to come up with a more epic way of saying "greater" or "ultra super grandmaster sensai of X craft" is constantly amusing and awkward in equal parts every time they make a new expansion.)

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    June 30, 2017 1:35 PM PDT

    After playing Agnarr again and playing a Shaman again (Troll FTW) I was hoping that Alchemy made it into Pantheon. This to me would be a great argument for getting it in and it absolutely needs to be a Shaman trade skill like tinkering is to Gnome Alchemy is to Shaman's IMHO. But if we can only get it in by allowing stinky unnatural types like clerics also have it I'm okay with as long as we treat it like forage. Clerics cap lower and get it at a later time than shaman.