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Suggestion for Pledge Levels and Fiction

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    July 9, 2024 7:13 PM PDT
    Could we consider in some of the higher tier pledge levels to allow our creative minds to expand and possibly contribute to the lore of the game? I understand that at the 10k tier you can design a dungeon, but you should not have to pay that much to perhaps some fan fiction become lore from freelance writers, possibly even look to published novels or novellas - something the original Ever quest did and works well for creating backstory and lore such as seen by Pathfinder and other D8D fantasy settings. I think people would love to see a "Pantheon Lore" series of novels on bookshelves.

    Please consider this, or make it a competition, or if pledge level, have the cost including professional editing, art, layout and publishing costs so you get a physical copy of it at the end.

    Further to physical copies, would love to see a big collectors box of old school physical collectables (even if its purchased on the site) and you are providing cloth maps and postcards with the big pledges.
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    July 13, 2024 10:35 PM PDT

    I wish Burdock.  I've got two books already.  Crowsinger has one.  There's some others that have decent amount of short stories. But the problem is we don't know how much is written.  There is already a ton of lore that is not released, and storyline for quite some time in the future as the game ages and expands.  We just don't have access to it.  Speaking for myself, I have tried to base my stuff off of pretty solid canon lore so they can hopefully stand the test of time as more stuff is released, but VR has two writers on staff and both have been there for quite some time.  And I hit them up a while back asking if I could monetize my stories on some websites, you know have some rights to their lore, but they were not budging.  There's legal headaches they don't have time for right now I think.  But I sure would love to.