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We're Hiring A Linux Administrator

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    April 19, 2021 5:26 AM PDT

    Visionary Realms is looking for an experienced Linux Admin. The candidate has a strong functional understanding of Linux and networking. This is a remote, contracted position.

    Visionary Realms is a small, independent studio working remotely. We are strongly committed to our project and are looking for like-minded individuals who are able to perform reliably and independently, and who are able to communicate effectively and efficiently.

    Required Experience

    -Fundamental Linux and networking skills/knowledge: both function and performance measurement/tuning. Ubuntu preferable
    -Functional technology knowledge: AWS, OpenSSL, SSH, Shell scripting, python, HTML/JS/CSS, PHP, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Postgres, APIs (REST/SOAP), VPN, CI (Jenkins, etc.)
    -Best practices: Security, automation and communication
    -Must be flexible and a team player

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