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Any chance for customization ?

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    March 26, 2021 5:24 AM PDT

    One of the best games ever made, IMHO, was Vanguard.  I won't debate why it failed or who's fault it was but we, as gamers, lost out.

    One of the coolest things in Vanguard was the way people could customize bard "Songs".

    For those that didn't play....  You basically combine different aspects of a "song" and combined them to make it what you want.

    Think of it as customizing spells/abilities.  Obviously there would be limitations and negatives that would balance with positives but you basically make your own spells/songs/abilities.


    And please do not rule it out completely.  I realize the amount of work involved so perhaps maybe it could be part of an expansion where people discover the way to do this and have to embark on an epic adventure to learn it's ins and outs.


    Just a thought.

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    March 26, 2021 5:24 PM PDT

    If you really break it down... this is essentially an expansion on how 'Twisting' worked in Everquest. In EQ you basically Twisted your effects together by playing different 'song's' to create the effects you want. And due to the durations of these effects you were limited in how many effects you could keep active in your ensemble of songs. So vanguard just formalized the procedure by creating an interface that allowed you to pre-plan the effects you wanted to have active and save them as a custom 'song'. You could argue that the /melody command that EQ eventually added was basically an attempt at the same thing.

    So it isn't a stretch to suggest that VR will use some similar kind of UI system, likely in combination with the limited action set (only so many active Ability slots), to allow players to customize what kind of buffs or debuffs they can keep active at any given time with the bard.

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    March 26, 2021 8:20 PM PDT

    I've only played 2 Bards, the first one was D&D in the dinosaur age of paper and pencil. The other one was a Vanguard Bard. I'd be quite happy to see Panth use a similar system to Vanguard. I have no idea if it would evolve well into the job of CC, but I'd love it.

    Yes indeed, we lost out when Vanguard failed. Had it succeeded, we might all still be playing it while we waited for Pantheon.

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    March 26, 2021 9:16 PM PDT

    The bard in Vanguard was amazing, had so much fun I leveled up two of them. I agree with all of you on everything you said. Making me think about loading up Vanguard emu again and play some more.

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    March 27, 2021 3:47 PM PDT

    You can go try out the Bard on VGOE... composing songs was quite cool.  I know this was mentioned/requested in the Bard forum (where this thread may be moved to) and VR flushing out the Bard's mechanics may be one of the reasons they have not released information about the class yet (speculation).  I've played bard in EQ1, EQ2, DAOC, and briefly in Vanguard.  I would say my favorite bard was DAOC.  I literally felt like a  minstrel zooming around bolstering my allies while mesmerizing and dooming my foes with my music.  I don't think "really fast, dual weilding sword fighter" when I think of an actual Bard... really fast dual weilding sword fighter should be rogue, ranger and maybe warrior...  But I agree that the song composition mechanic of Vanguard was great - to compare it to the EQ1 bard as most in this forum would be familiar with, it would be similar to being able to combine Anthem of Arms, Jonathan's Warsong, and Hymn of Restoration (for example) into one key press as your own personal composition (or 3 different DoT), but if EQ Bard songs regularly cost mana, the mana cost of that unique song would've been increased to a little bit more than if you were to sing all three songs individually (kind of) due to adding energy reduction "rests" to the composition.  An actual explanation can be found here:

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