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Wolf Creatures Mystery Not Being Talked About

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    March 12, 2021 7:19 AM PST

    I just did a search on the forums.  Not one person has mentioned the "wolfkin" language from the most recent stream.  This is a bug bean to my knowledge.

    We have NO record to my knowledge of the word wolfkin in the lore to my knowledge.  And there are two possibilities and both are huge beans and nobody is talking about it!!!

    1. The wolf-like creatures from the stream (gnolls for Bazgrim) are a new race that has made its debut on this stream.  This is big news.  We used to get some stories posted to the newsletter that introduced new things like this, i.e. spriggans, Lycanthropes, orcs, ratkin, etc.  If this is a new race, we need to be demanding at least an acknowledgment of it.  Where is Istuulamae??? Is he being locked in a high tower by Ben Dean?  Is he in the tower outside of Fortress Deviare?  We need to know!

    2.  The wolf creature IS a Lycanthrope.  What we know of Lycanthropes is there are 3 main categories: werewolves, Nightwolves, and Lycandrell.  The Twin Head God had a major personality split where both of him aspired to rule in different ways.  So one head took the name Lycus and wish for wisdom and the study of all things on Terminus and wanted to create acolytes similar to monks to study with him.  Nochte wanted to rule by power and war.  Lycandrell are the followers of Lycus upon which he bestowed the power to transform into a wolflike form, but they had the ability to transform back to their natural state.  A portion of these were corrupted by Nochte at their creation and lusted for power and war.  These were the Nightwolves.  Werewolves were the most corrupted which turned them animalistic in nature, unable to control their transformations, and they were shunned from everywhere, forced to live in their own packs and unable to form any society.  Now, we know that some of these Lycanthropes CHOOSE never to change into their original state, the Wos Che for example.  The truest followers of Lycus, the Ulfhednari, have a society they have built on Frosja Nochta, the bitter cold climate on the north side of the Bethrale sea.  You know, the one that the late Count of Deviare used to have raiding parties to?  Which really begs the question: are the wolf-like creatures at Fort Dev actually Lycandrell who hunt with the Count, or possibly have been hunted by the Count at some point?  Which would mean that these gnoll type creatures are what the Wos Che look like.  Also a big bean!

    What's the answer, CP?  Istuulamae? Jared?  Throw us a bone!  We'll fetch!

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    March 22, 2021 12:57 PM PDT


    I have been very torn about whether the gnoll looking creatures inside Fort Deviare were Lycandrell or whether they were another race.  I have strengthened my beliefs on this by looking back at some info we had that I forgot about while thinking through this issue.

    The Ogres have a long and storied rivalry with the Wos Che.  What are the Wos Che?  Well, the Ogres themselves, when discussing reason for their problems routing the forces of the Revenant, said that it was the "hounds of Wos Che" who caused the devastating loss just as they were making ground early on in the Deicide War.  The game lore tells us already that the Wos Che are Lycandrell that either can not change back to their natural form or they refuse to do so, like an oath they take.  Either way, these are Lycandrell that the Ogres describe derogatorally as "hounds."

    It is my opinion that such an important race to the foundations of the gameplay like the Wos Che with their camps on the outskirts of the Ogre starting city already has a working model and that the gnoll like creatures in Fort Deviare is it.  I believe the gnoll characters are Lycandrell, not another race of "wolfkin" or whatever.

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    April 4, 2021 6:43 PM PDT
    Update: the "gnoll" looking npc's in Fort Deviate have been confirmed by Istuulamae as Lycanthropes although he wouldn't go so far as to say they were Lycandrell, but there's not really any alternatives that would fit in that context. This also means we now know what the "hounds of Wos Che" look like.