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Got Crafting Questions?

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    February 2, 2021 9:55 AM PST

    We'll be doing a Crafting and Harvesting Q&A at the end of Thursday's Dev Stream. Got questions? Post here!

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    February 2, 2021 9:58 AM PST

    Thanks for the reminder!  For tiering up and Mastering Crafting, I was hoping to learn if there will be crafting quests associated with this.  While quality of materials, numbers of crafted items and difficulty of crafting items is important, I would REALLY like to see Crafting and Gathering both include some questing both for materials and for recipes, kind of like Dark Age of Camelot had for crafting and gathering.   To me, crafting should include much more than just sitting in a crafting area repetitively making items or buying mats from other harvesters.   Quests break up the monotony and encourage players to get out and see and experience the game world.  For failed items will they disappear with total loss, no loss or partial loss?  Is there a potential for the player to explode? I used to get a laugh out of hearing/seeing players in DAOC explode and keel over dead when making certain items.  Can we make it so that harvested items are bound to the player and not sellable to other players ?  It is fine if the crafted items are able to be sold, Im just not real keen on seeing players kill or harvest all items and then sell them for ridiculous amounts to other players (eg: Black Lotus in WoW).  Perhaps a set cap on value of materials is a happy medium?

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    February 2, 2021 10:07 AM PST


    How will the mech be for crafting mini game or some thing new maybe ?

    Will there be restrictions or open crafting as in how many alts do I need to make ?

    Will there be restrictions for gathering or can we do em all on 1 char ?

    Will refining be in crafting or gathering or maybe both ?

    I will stop here as I will fill this tread by my self......

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    February 2, 2021 10:41 AM PST

    How will you balance adventure gear with the crafting gear?

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    February 2, 2021 11:20 AM PST

    how many different crafting skill are out there, enchanting, glyphs, jewelry, rune crafting, gemcutting for weapons? etc...

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    February 2, 2021 11:51 AM PST

    Will crafters be dependent on each other? 

    In eq2 a weaponsmith needed to depend on a leather worker for components like the Hilts. A Scribe (spell maker) depended on an alchemist to make the ink...etc. Will it be this way? 

    Will crafting professions attempted to be balanced for economic reasons? Ex: Alchemist generally make a lot of money because their potions are consumed meaning you need to buy more. Whereas I will only need a tailor once to craft me my 5 bags and then not need one again. 

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    February 2, 2021 12:15 PM PST

    Will there be a world for crafters to live in? Societies to thrive in, factions to oppose each other. (Pure crafting that is, so not general npc factions)

    Will there be competition between civilizations/ethnic populations when it comes to crafting or economy? Or will we all just be a merry bunch?

    Can crafters be feared/honoured/celebrated? (by npc populations due to the crafters' standing with a faction)

    Is there a player ranking in the pipeline when it comes to crafting? Or will we be solo players registered in an offline database?

    Could house items be stolen? (player made ones that is)

    Is there such a thing as an evil crafter? Or in what way would the choices of the crafter have its consequences in the world they are living in? Or are we all just running the same threadmill?

    If there are such things as evil and good recipes/products. Will they be linked to the character's own background (be that evil or good?) or would it be seperate thing all together? Where a good2shoes halfling, can craft products only found in the darkest places of the world/evil continent.

    If construction events would occur in the world, would they be weekly/monthly/annually? Or even more rare? And after what time would they reset, if at all.

    What ways are there for a crafter to become known or desirable/unique? Would the game design methods or would it all derived from player's interaction and good manners?

     (I might have missed this one...) Will I be able to rent a shopdisplay/spot on the marketplace where I can display and sell my wares? To meet costumers? And will this have a discount in comparison to putting things up on an auction system. (aka stimulating player interaction, instead of the less personal auction method we all know today)

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    February 2, 2021 12:29 PM PST


    Will crafting try to be "interesting" by adding many player choices or clicks during a complex combine? 

    Can you talk about any of these type of "mini games" in the Pantheon crafting combine process?

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    February 2, 2021 12:41 PM PST

    Will everyone see harvestable nodes? Or would the noticeability of those nodes depend on the skill/choices of that character? 

    Is there a durability on harvested items or a weightfactor in consideration? (to possibly mitigate hoarding and banking)

    If I harvest a frozen berry in the arctic will it be impacted in a hot climate?

    Can we expect to fill our drinkingpouch with water from a stream or other body of water?

    Will harvesting and the climbing feature be combined? As in, will I need to climb into a tree to harvest honey from a beehive? Or chop some mistletoe or a branch?

    Or are we only talking about climbing up a rock to pluck a flower on top?

    Is underwater harvesting being considered? For sake of the Dark Myr, I hope so. And will it appear different? I hope I won't be swinging my mining pick with my feet on the ground at the bottom of a lake trying to mine for ore. 

    Will there be drifting nodes to harvest at the surface of a body of water? (in case the previous one is too difficult to manage)

    One for many eyes will I harvest from a spider? 1? 1 pair? A set? Or as many as 10/spider? :)

    Will I be able to harvest when attacked or being in combat? 

    If seasons, will provide more or less nodes/yield depending on the season. How will you prevent the flattening of the supply and demand curve, when it comes to available harvestables on the market? 

    How do you expect to keep harvesting interesting/fun/optional throughout the years? If I mine 1 or a 1000 nodes will there be a difference in experience? Or are we ok with it being all the same?

    Are you aiming for a skill challenge in the harvesting process? Or just a click and yield kind of design?

    Will there be a society just for harvesters? Npc's that provide content for those explorers and hermits that just enjoy being out in the world?

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    February 2, 2021 12:46 PM PST

    1 - What will you do to stop guilds from massively feeding their crafters and flooding/controling markets. (I think, crafters should only be able to use what they harvested, it would stop this problem)

    2 - Will there be a maximum of 1 profession per character ? (It's rare to see people mastering more than one craft in life hehe) 

    3- Will there be different kind and quality of harvesting tools (to mine gold, you need that special pickaxe etc)

    4- Will there be a connection between classes and professions? (Let's say only druid and shaman can make potions, rogue poisons, enchanters for enchanting bars, mages to create bars, melee classes for armor and weapons, rangers for fletching, wizard /necs for scrolls etc)

    5- Will certain races be able to make special armor or weapons (Dwarfs can make special dwarven weapons and armor, elves make elven armor and weapons etc)


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    February 2, 2021 12:48 PM PST

    1. Will crafting/harvesting be affected by stats?  For example, if I have a high strength/stamina, will I be a better blacksmith?  If I have a high dexterity, will I get better yields on harvesting plants?

    2. Will crafting/harvesting be affected/interrupted by outside influences?  For example, will I be able to harvest while a wolf is biting my caboose?  Or, if I'm in an atmosphere, but not fully attuned to it, will I still be able to work a forge?

    3. If I want to craft/harvest naked, will there be a toggle button for that?  Or do I just have to settle for being naked IRL?



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    February 2, 2021 1:07 PM PST

    1. Will early level crafting materials have value 6 months to a year after launch or will they be just another stepping stone crafters have to step over to level their crafting to max level? 

    2. Will different continents have different harvest materials so gathering will require people to travel the world for specific ore/materials? Or will each continent have the same materials as the other continents?

    3. Is there a set amount of crafting professions a player is allowed to have?

    4. Will fishing enable a sea shanty theme song?

    5. What does it mean to become a Master Crafter of your chosen profession in Pantheon Rise of the Fallen?

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    February 2, 2021 4:29 PM PST

    Has allowing a crafting skill to carry over to a progeny character been discussed?


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    February 2, 2021 5:19 PM PST


    Hello and thank you for this. My questions are as follows ...

    1. If the crafting skills are interdepenent of each other, will we be able to create writs or consignments for other players to make sub items that we need to craft with?


    2. Will there be tasks that crafters can do help recover some cost of materials to leveling their craft?


    3. Can we can outline of what the main crafting and gathering skills  are? Also if possible which gathering skill is recommended for the main crafting skills?


    4. How will the crafting mechanic actually work? Examples : like EQ2 clicking at different stage of crafting an item. Or like wow you have all you ingredients , select how many you want to make then click to craft x amount and go get some coffee?


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    February 2, 2021 6:05 PM PST

    philo said: Has allowing a crafting skill to carry over to a progeny character been discussed?

    Given that I can't remember hearing VR talk about progeny in a very long time, I have to say that if it makes it into the game eventually, it will be in very large part because of your dedicated efforts to keep it on their minds and the topic of forum discussion.

    Carry On!

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    February 3, 2021 2:56 AM PST
    Will certain cities have special crafting stations like the dwarven city has better forges or dark my will have special looms for example. Or perhaps slightly better procs
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    February 3, 2021 4:06 AM PST

    Will you have seasons that toggle the availability of certain types of harvesting nodes?

    Will you have harvestable nodes that are only available on certain continents? 

    Will you have any materials or resources that can only be moved from one location to another by foot as opposed to by magical modes of player transportation such as teleport/gate/etc.?

    Will you implement some sort of mechanic that in some way slows teleporting classes from pretty much instantaneously leveling market prices across all regions purely as a result of how fast they can get things to the various markets all across Terminus? (I would really like to see regional price variation flourish specifically as it relates to materials sourced from region centric harvesting nodes)

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    February 3, 2021 4:09 AM PST

    Assuming it isn't covered in the stream;

    1) What form will the crafting progression take? Will we be doing writs kind of like Vanguard or straight crafting items for XP?

    2) Will we have complications in the process and if so how varied will they be and how will we address them as crafters? 

    3) Will the crafting progresssion be paced as to not be too fast?

    4) Will there be ways to specialize your specific profession to differentiate it from someone with the same profession?

    5) In one of the livestreams (I believe it was Joppa) stated that there was an anvil with a fabled dwarf inside a scorching climate within the frigid climate of Amberfaet where only certain things could be forged for crafting. How many areas will there be like this and how large of a roll will they play in crafting?

    6) Will the Perception system have a roll in crafting?

    7) Will we be able to customize the cosmetic look of crafted items like weapons and armor in some way?  

    8) The guild system hasn't been discussed hardly at all yet so this might be reaching. I was wondering if the crafting system might have some sort of play in it like writs for faction or some other guild system function (See EQII and Vanguard as an example)? 

    9) Will we have the chance for crafting criticals and critical failures? If so can you explain how that will work?

    10) Can we craft boats?

    11) Last one. How will we carry our crafting materials? Will we have a big ol crafting resource bag like Vanguard or play juggle the inventory like many other MMOs?

    12) Ok, I lied. Will there be crafting quests?

    13) (More lies from Tuk. lol) Will we be able to craft armor dyes?

    14) (Yes, Tuk thought of something else) Have you considered adding a "work order" style system, where a crafter seeking certain materials or goods can post an order for harvesters to fill for an exchange of coin on completion? It would be probably complicated but it works like this - Step 1: Crafer places an order, deposits the coin into an escrow. Step 2: Harvester then accepts the task order like a quest from the board. They have X amount of time to fill the order as to not lock off coin or access permanently. Step 3: The board is the turn in, escrow coin is collected as items are deposited. Final Step: Crafter collects items.

    I realize that last one can be auction housed or bought directly. I just like the idea of more work order stuff in the community.

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    February 3, 2021 6:46 AM PST

    I really want to know if if we will be able to work all crafting and havesting on  a single main in eq we could with aa do this in FF14 we could do this. We are Advenures Renaissance men. As some one that in games and life as always had a love of learning doing something more  I really would like to see this. 

    If not players like my self will just start rolling alts to level crafting we did it in EQ2 i had one of every crafter at lvl 90 with epics when we quit in wow i had one of ever crafter maxed out when we quit. leveling crafting will keep the higher level players playing and helping the lower players giving away gear or selling at or below cost to make helping them  level well we farm for supplies ect.



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    February 3, 2021 11:34 AM PST

    When can we expect an up to date FAQ list on the forums, detailing responses for anything relating to crafting? 

    I've got the feeling that the same questions keep popping up although some have already been answered multiple times.


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    February 3, 2021 12:33 PM PST

    Is there a plan for titles within Pantheon? If so, would crafter titles be a possibility? Like "Master Blacksmith Soandso"

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    February 3, 2021 5:30 PM PST

    Since there has been no official crafting information yet, just speculation and theory crafting,  I guess my question is, Can we have info on the professions, gathering, any plans on how crafting will work?  I think we have to start from there.

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    February 3, 2021 8:07 PM PST

    1.Will there be a Tradesmen Hub where Crafters and harvesters can list their services, or Customers can create writs to for tradesmen to fulfill.

    2.Will a Crafters character name be listed on the items they create, or will Crafters be able to register a custom Name for an item they make, or a Custom Brand Name for all items.

    3.Will there be Community tasks? Such as a bridge needing to be built to access new areas ect, that require harvesters to drop off supplies and Crafters to build the bridge once the materials are on location.

    4.Will crafting and Harvesting include merchant skills or will those be separate?

    5. What level of complexity are the recipes, will they be generic as in insert steel to get steel dagger, or will Crafters be able to experiment with the ingredient compositions for basic alloys to get a variety of steel types ect..for more variety in the results?

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    February 4, 2021 1:24 AM PST
    • Will there be cosmetic upgrades that can be crafted for equipment, tints and the like for armour, glows and effects for weapons?
    • Can existing items (crafted and found) be improved (either cosmetically or stats related)?
    • Will there be craft specific quests and quest lines?
    • Will there be items that need to be constructed by more than one crafter?
    • Will there be race specific products?
    • Will the Perception system have a role in crafting and if so, will it be just for rare or hard to find harvest nodes?
    • Will there be different qualities of skin (assuming skinning is a skill) and will these be used to create different qualities of goods?
    • How will crafting for clients work? (e.g., if the client has a rare component that is to be made into an object, how can the protect the component)?
    • Can objects (both crafted and found) be broken down into components to be re-used?
    • How will mastery work?
    • How will recipes work?
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    February 4, 2021 5:47 AM PST

    Will we have to manually equip crafting or harvesting tools?