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Where do glyphs come from? We know now...

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    August 12, 2020 8:58 PM PDT

    Attention all truth seekers!

    For some time, we have been told of magical glyphs with certain magical properties that mysteriously protect the citizens of of Terminus lucky enough to have them from the harsh elements found on the planet.  Some folks have the ability to recreate these glyphs on other objects, crafting them into more prized possessions.  Let me assure you there is nothing mysterious about this anymore.

    The truth behind these glyphs have been hidden from us by the mouthpiece of the nation state of humans, Istuulamae.  Allow this freedom fighter to impart wisdom to you.

    The crooked and devious Narian Castigue found that the High Dragon tongue of nobility, spoken and penned by Rok'Nhilthamos himself, has magical properties that contain this magic.  Those unfortunate to learn even a symbol or two of this dangerous language may find themselves able to write, draw, carve, or otherwise recreate these dangerous symbols into all manner of items, passing on the magical properties of the language to the items themselves. The symbol for snow may be stained into a piece of cloth and, with the proper pronunciation over the item, may render a cooling effect to the clcothing piece thereby granting relief from scorching temperatures.

    So why is this bad, good sir, you may ask.

    Narian Castigue sold out his own research to the highest bidder, none other than the dirty and underhanded King of Men, Avendyr.  Avendyr, when its true power proved to far beyond his capabilities to obtain, took the simplest of experiments from Narian's research and sold the secrets of it to surrounding nation states for large sums of money and favors, holding them ransom if they feared falling behind the technological curve of their age.  And with the threat of war around every corner during the early stages of the Frail Age, he muscled many a tribal leader into his get-rich scheme.  He kept this information from his enemies, which included any race that would not cede to his rule like the timid and spineless Council of the Elves' Ashen Order, who would fight anyone but Avendyr as he had bought their votes with his dirty money.

    Every time you craft a glyph, it piles more favor upon the soiled throne and dynasty of Amensol.  Don't do it! But if you can't help but follow your false illusions of master craftsmenship, at least make them for those of us who are fighting against the juggernaut of crooked politics in the courts of Thronefast.  Make donations to your local chapter of the Resistance Against the Corrupt House of Amensol (RACHA).  We will at least use their own weapons of war against them.  Help us speak truth to power!

    Benonai, servant of the Resistance Against the Corrupt House of Amensol


    Viva RACHA