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Questions on Racial Passives

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    October 26, 2019 4:20 PM PDT

    I, like many of us, am super happy that the racial passives have now been announced, but I did have a couple questions about them that I would love to hear people's thoughts on.

    First, when it comes to the Elven Lucent Ancestry (grants resistance to nature magic and increases effect of nature abilities), what exactly is a nature ability? Is it only a spell that deals nature damage? Or can a spell like the Druid's Call Lightning (which deals shock damage even though it has a very naturey feel) be considered a nature ability as well? What about ranger abilities like the Beckon line, which call on animals to aid the player in different ways? Nature ability or not?

    Then there is the the Dark Myr passive Embittered Psyche, which increases both stealth effectiveness and stealth awareness by 10. The awareness part would of course be beneficial to any class whenever there are stealthed mobs around, but what about stealth effectiveness? That would surely only benefit rogues, right? Or will there be limited stealth available to other classes in some form that I haven't heard about?

    Please leave your thoughts, musings, and/or knowledge below!

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    October 26, 2019 5:58 PM PDT

    I doubt that lightning abilities would be covered by this passive, but at the same time i think it will be wider range of them than just abilities causing Nature damage - perhaps abilities like "Verdanfire Seed" or "Vinewoven Grove" will also be affected.

    Known spells/abilities are more like a preview to a class - even in last video Joppa said that they don't want to spoil everything now, so people can explore and find stuff out for themselves. Saying that - rogues would be main target of this passive, but not necessarily the only one, perhaps higher level rangers/monks may learn how to sneak and wizards/enchanters may have invisibility/hush spells.


    This is obviously just speculation - maybe Joppa will cover this in future Burning Questions.