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Race (and size) vs environment

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    June 12, 2019 12:58 PM PDT

    I've seen a post about a architectural differences between races and that gnomish doorways can be smaller than that of the ogres etc. However! Will Pantheon go further? Making dwarves more accustomed to mountains and rocky areas they could get bonuses (like movement speed, perception and so on) in such areas, elves and halflings would gain similar bonuses in the forests, while gnomes would be more accustomed to arcane forces and gain increased positive effects of the magical statuses and decreased negative effects. Or as it was in Dragons Dogma - small sized person could fit in a smaller tunnels within dungeons to find secret rooms or unlock the way  bypassing certain part of dungeon, while larger characters would have steady footing in windy areas and sould safely cross a bridge - this would of course be temporarly altered by higher level spells or potions.

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    October 10, 2019 11:59 AM PDT
    I expect we might see some racial differences in the climate system but I doubt that we'll have things like favored terrain bonuses. I'm curious to know if some areas will be blocked based on body size (like small doorways).