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Combat Item Sacrifice

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    May 12, 2019 3:10 PM PDT

    Had a bit of a brainstorm this morning, came up with some ideas that could be applied to Pantheon.

    Here's the tl;dr bit:
    1. Assign items, consumables, xp, or gold as consecrated sacrifices in a one-way operation. (These appear in a separate "Consecrated" inventory tab, with no weight or space in normal bags.)
    2. Create your customized CIS abilities that will appear while in combat, in a group, in addition to your normal skills/spells.
    3. Group up. Use the CIS abilities, in combat. Consecrated items are consumed and reputation gained, via group combat.
    4. Spend reputation. Gain rewards. Upgrade your CIS abilities

    Have a look, let me know what you think.

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    May 12, 2019 3:28 PM PDT

    I'm looking at this as a function that could be used in a game. I think it is interesting. Nice work.

    When I think about it as a part of the Pantheon mmo, I feel I am against it. There are too many flags that I'm seeing like 'miracles.'  We won't get any of those at launch. Not unless the deities decide to piss on the dragon accord and we enter a much more exciting age.  :) 

    Feelings aside, I believe it should serve to improve, or solve a problem within, the existing design or design plan of this mmo. Is it needed? Is the game better because of it? These are questions that will take a lot longer to answer than reading that document. 

    Like I said, though.  Interesting and nice work. 

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    May 12, 2019 5:00 PM PDT

    Yeah, it was more just a 'hmm, that would be fun' and then while writing it out, there were some potential solutions to Pantheon related goals. 
    In particular, something that would keep me and mine playing at max level, and something that would encourage all players to be continually present, while still being optional and part of the normal flow of the game.
    Certainly the miracles could be something that you could implement without, it just seemed too good to pass up as a deity related mechanic. =)  A 0.01% chance on trash mobs hardly seems unbalancing, imho.

    It fits within the confines of a limited action set, rewards grouping, and rewards social interaction, playing your role well, and utilizing sacrifice (which they've mentioned as in the FAQ 13.11 "You will also be able to sacrifice items at altars in temples in return for valuable and long lasting ‘buffs’.") and Signets of Synergy
    (Applying a Signet of Synergy to an ability will unlock different class-specific synergy effects that can be used in combination with synergy effects from other classes, sometimes to awesome effect ) so I don't think there's anything in there outside the current design goals.

    It's also an item sink, time sink, gold sink, and provides a long term method of handling triggered encounter frequency, if used for that. 
    Long term specialization is also a huge draw at max level, especially if some of the effects are personalized to work on class abilities, as precursors or amplifiers.
    Thanks for reading, I appreciate the feedback.