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Wiz thoughts from latest stream

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    December 3, 2018 4:23 AM PST

    Watching the most recent streams yesterday and watching the Wizard PoV, i actually got interested in playing a wizard which surprised me as not usually my cup of tea.

    At the risk of theorycrafting too much i thought it was interesting looking at how fire spells increased dmg cost for mana cost with a stacking buff - made me think about the downranking comments the devs made and the options for fire spells to gain higher multipliers of successive casts for more dmg with less mana usage - the buff that stacks showed up on the right spell bar (i didn't spot it going above 5). It did seem to give you enough time to cast arcane schools for mana back before losing all your dmg buffs. I can see some interesting spell usage here depending on the engagement and one almost wonders if you could get a single wizzie to the point of one shotting some mobs with a single bar of mana with loads of stacks and some class synergy for debuffing those mobs assuming of course that you had a team that was able to permanently keep mobs in camp (and aggro wasn't an issue /cough). Short version - looks like a fun class to play maximising your burn/mana whilst not pulling mobs off the tanks - pleased they're looking like an interesting dps class!

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    January 24, 2019 12:22 AM PST

    There is a stacking limit on the focus buffs.  I don't think it is going to work to the extent you are describing "with loads of stacks".

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    March 18, 2019 6:16 AM PDT

    I believe Philo is right. Based on the wording from the wizard section the stacks will become active based on the school you are using. If you swap schools you lose the stacking buff and the new one takes its place much like FFXIV Black Mage

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    May 1, 2019 3:02 PM PDT

    So far from the streams I have yet to see any impact on the spells on a mob to make me feel like WOW! I see wizards in other streams get agro after spamming a few nukes to chain them but the enemy health bar barely moves, very dissapointing to say the least. Now if i say the mob health drop 1/8 per large nuke if you start off right off the bat then you deserve the death , but seems to be a cloth wearer with meager dps overall its dissapointing, rouges at least have dpd and other things to bring to the table rather than a port, or just get a druid for your group spot. Of course its pre-alpha much has not been adjusted but just simply pointing out based on the latest streams.

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    May 3, 2019 11:16 PM PDT

    Agree with Yaladan, I love the idea behind a large burst damage nuking class, but I just haven't seen that in streams, in an MMO I'd like to feel like i'm playing a Wizard, the only MMO I can think of where I actually felt like I was playing a Wizard was in Warhammer online as my Bright Wizard.


    That to me is a Wizard, even though the class could damage itself (and beleive me I killed myself more then once because of getting carried away with watching mob HP melt away), that was the trade off to having great elemental magic power at your finger tips.


    It could just simply be way too early to tell, they are still fine tuning these classes after all and maybe thats exactly what they'll deliver, a character that feels like I'm playing a master of elemental magic, time will tell.


    I've been wanting another Wizard main since Warhammer online, maybe this will be the game and maybe it wont.

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    July 29, 2019 8:47 AM PDT

    I played a Bright Wizard on Warhammer as well. I really loved the class, enough that I even liked PvP. But then everyone was crying to nerf them because they were overpowered. My rebuttle was always the same. Single the BW's out and pick them off. We were really easy to kill. I liked the living on the edge part. Sure I may die more than anyone but I was important enough to get rezed right back up and brought back into the fight because the DPS was so stellar. 

    I'm not a fan of games where Wizards aren't the highest DPS output. They have always been the most feeble and to me that was the ultimate equalizer. A Wizard could always do enough damage to get aggro and/or waist a mob quickly if needed to prevent disaster. But it came at a high cost of having to sit and med after and take it easy.

    It was really hard to stomach EQ when the Berserker took over DPS and wearing heavier armor. They could withstand a large amount of damage and keep throwing up huge numbers. They never had to sacrifice their sturdiness like Wizards did.


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    September 28, 2019 9:09 PM PDT

    Kidritch's video has been re-uploaded to Twitch.

    This is the most recent footage we have of the Wizard in action and includes the Spell Focus stacking buff in action; showing Fire and Arcane stacking, especially during the final fight with Gnashura.

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    October 1, 2019 9:39 AM PDT

    Ezrael said:

    Kidritch's video has been re-uploaded to Twitch.

    This is the most recent footage we have of the Wizard in action and includes the Spell Focus stacking buff in action; showing Fire and Arcane stacking, especially during the final fight with Gnashura.

    Thanks Ezrael, was fun rewatching it.