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Hardy Elves?

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    September 16, 2018 11:12 PM PDT

    I mentioned this in the most recent newsletter thread but it kind of got lost in the shuffle.  Its more relevant here.

    There is a line in the newsletter that is referring to faerthale:

    the eventual starting city for our hardy and weathered elves

    The above line makes me wonder if Pantheon's elves will go away from the normal "frail" elves we see in most lore?  Might it be possible that these elves gain a racial bonus to Stamina instead of the lesser hitpoint type of elf we see in most games?

    I usually don't play elves because they are one of the least durable/fragile races.  Will this change in Pantheon? 

    That could change how I look at elves.

    Do you think that is a stretch?  I didn't see anything in the lore that would either confirm or deny that some elves might be sturdier than we are used to.

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    September 17, 2018 6:32 PM PDT

    I like your line of thinking. But my first impression is that it may also be referring more to their mental hardiness. The elves have been through a lot. That would certainly increase their mental fortitude, but I suppose that could also increase their physical endurance. Perhaps that would be a way to distinguish Stamina from Constitution. So even if their physical stature isn't very large, they may have a slightly higher pain tolerance than most. That could be a good way to expand on the "familiar but different" approach to the Elves, and other races. But it should be fairly minor imo. There should still be some races that can fulfill the "glass cannon" playstyle. 

    I'm with you though - I kinda like elves, except for the fact that they die easily lol. And that's pretty core to their identity imo, so I have mixed feelings about that potentially not being the case in Pantheon.