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Monk Reveal: Shaolin Monk Armor style

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    September 5, 2018 5:35 AM PDT

    [Thanks very much Hokanu for the help.  What I found was that I needed to include a "BBCode" to make the images appear.   Very grateful for the assistance!   Next time I will make pictures smaller :)]

    One of the really cool things on the Monk reveal video was the "Shaolin Monk" like type armor, as shown here:

    shaolinmonk by Jim McKenzie, on Flickr" alt="">

    I say this was Shaolin Monk -like because this is some of the real stuff:

    realshaolin by Jim McKenzie, on Flickr" alt="">So pretty close but not exact.

    I took a couple of screenshots and merged them to show my old EQ1 (EQLive) and EQ2 Monks.  I'm hopeful that we'll get options like these in Pantheon, in addition to the Shaolin Monk fighting style shown at the bottom.  I do like the idea of fighting with robes, or even better: gi's.  Would LOVE it if we could get visible headbands and belts (aka "sashes") like the EQ1 quests.  Very excited to see what else the devs can come up with!

    Two Nagasakees by Jim McKenzie, on Flickr" alt="">

    Hokanu has a linked my last image in his post, the "gi" version of the Shaolin, so I'll avoid re-adding it here.



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    September 6, 2018 11:17 PM PDT

    Hey matey,

    I am certain this is a long way around it lol, but you have to upload the photo onto a 3rd party like you have, then take the source link address of that image and paste that into the "insert/edit image" option next to "upload" in the reply box on this forum.

    a link address example of your last picture.. -

    paste that into insert/edit image and...


    I find it easier to do it with facebook but if your more familiar with flickr you just right click the image and say "view source" then you will see the link posted inbetween the code on the box that appears.

    With facebook you can just right click and go "copy image address" and you dont need to go find the link in the code box.


    Definitely keen to see some cool looking monks in game, agree with you the look they are incorporating now is pretty great considering its so early on!  Really looking forward to all the amimations for the various attacks too :) 

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