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synergi and buffs/debuffs

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    September 1, 2018 9:27 AM PDT

    so will clerics get any synergi spells like warriors (interlocking shields) druid/shaman wet+ligtning,summoner enchanter summon/charm mechanic ?

    and if so what could it be =)

    also kinda perplexed about the hp buff it seems kinda weak it gives around 100 hp (for now) and the mobs can hit for like 200+ so the spell seems abit like mana waste (it is single target cast and if you look at the streams it cost its fair amount of mana.yes i know it also gives some ac but i dont know the mechanic or how effectiv ac buffs really are ? and thats all the buffs the cleric have to boost about kinda few buffs i belive. corect me if i am wrong =)

    and debuffs are kinda nonexistence... attleast we have loots of heals =)

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    September 1, 2018 9:29 PM PDT

    Buffs are definitely worth it because the mana spent is for an effect that lasts a long time. More HP is always good. One of the enchanters at level 30 had 600 or so health I believe, so 100 more is significant. Even if the tanks had say 1200, another 100 is good. I don't know about synergy for cleric buffs/debuffs and other classes. I didn't see any listed so far but the reveals are nowhere near a complete list of abilities and of course things are still changing.

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    September 2, 2018 2:18 AM PDT

    Agreeing with lucas here. A weak "100" totally depends of the current HP levels, and even if it only partially cover a hit, it's still a breathing space you get to sustain one more hit while beeing under HoTs before dying.