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Ranger stream Arrows having no impact.

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    August 26, 2018 12:53 PM PDT

    I noticed while watching Ranger class stream closely arrows are having no impact on the mob just passing through. 

    A blast if only small should exist when a arrow hits the target. Blast might start as nothing at low level and as you level up becomes very visible and changes colors depending on the arrow type player level and gear strengh.

    Poison - Frozen ice tip - Fire tip. 

    As a archer myself arrows hit with a great deal of force and kinetic energy creating a outward pulse upon impact and exit. Obviously blood splatter will not be added but a type of impact should be.

    I would like arrows to appear normal when hitting the targeted enemy. 

    The player deserves to be able to see the impact they are doing to the mob and feel that they are making a  visible difference. 

    I understand completly why vr made the choice to have arrows go through the target as to sticking in the target they would disappear and not look natural so i get why this choice was made.

    This is my biggest complaint that i have seen from any of the classes most look amazing Vr has done a wonderful job and it shows i would like to see Arrow impact added. 


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    August 26, 2018 1:11 PM PDT

    I remember running around in EQ with arrows sticking out of me.... I LOVED IT!  And they would disappear after some time.  I hope this and impact gets added.  Maybe not impact with auto attack, or every bow skill, but definitely for bow skills that stun.  I wouldn't like seeing the mob look like its having a seizure standing up when multiple people are attacking.  Defnitely some arrows sticking out of its body would be nice.