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slightly different spell idea

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    August 18, 2018 5:06 PM PDT

    I try to not create redundant threads, so want to point out this is not the same as another thread



    Similar to the idea of lighting up a mob for visibility, a great CC and enchanter idea would be to highlight a mob for targeting, like the target UI circle that every player saw.  It would be a cool ability to require an enchanter to cast a spell on the MA or MT to allow their targets to be highlighted.

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    September 27, 2018 4:56 AM PDT

    I am not sure if you played an Illy in EQ2.  I played a Erudite Illy and had an ability called Detect Aura - I think.  Basically, it would highlight mobs in a specific color telling you what category it was - healer, mage, scout, or tank.  I would love to see a spell that let's us detect different aspects of mobs depending on the spell that would indicate to the group the same aspects.  Say your in a group in a fire zone with giants.  You seea group of giants nearby.  You Detect Aura Skill - and everyone in the group can now see that two of them are mages, 1 is a tank and 2 are scouts.  A simply color outline would be sufficient.  Now suppose you cast Detect Aura PhatLewtz.  And we can see that one of the scouts is wielding a nice bow (the bow itself glows witha  colored outline), and a colored dot appears on teh hand of one of the mages - indicating a magic ring.  And another option could be Detect Aura Faction - which tells you what kind of faction hit you are going to take for killing this mob.  I would like to see more Detect type spells.