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7 essential Shaman q's from the July reveal

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    July 12, 2018 10:26 PM PDT
    1. Will Shaman be able to heal/dps during Agewalker's Gift?  Since Part the Veil (the rez) is not useable during combat, it's not clear whether stating that it can be used during Agewalker's Gift is excluding the possibility of casting other abilities or whether it's simply to point out the removal of the in-combat restriction.  
    2. Will Shamans' Vision resource (and/or cast speed in general) increase the effectiveness of healing and damage over time abilities, or will it simply let you cast them more quickly?  
    3. Will the Spirit Companion have it's own skill bar/slots or will a Spirit Companion skill (i.e. not summoning it, but having it preform some action) require one of the Shaman's slots?   Perhaps it's a mix of both?  
    4. What happened to the attack speed debuff Baleful Lethargy previously listed as the Shaman iconic ability?  Although we have been told the current reveal is NOT an exhaustive list of all available skills, it's weird that this one was listed in the old Shaman description but not in the current one.  
    5. Assuming that individual dot/hot ticks can crit, how will this interact with the critical strike buff Primal Fury?  Will each tick that crits proc the increase?  
    6. What are the duration/distance restrictions to Walk the Ages, if there are any beyond the listed restriction to cross zone lines?  Will dying cancel your imprint?
    7. Why no dwarf Shaman?  


    my thoughts:


    1. Without the ability to cast other abilities, Agewalker's Gift seems kind of wonky and boring.  Having a small period after dying to keep casting some heals is a mechanic that's been seen in a few other classes/characters, and I think it works well enough.  It's a nice way to give one class a bit of flair.  While it has the potential to save the day in some instances, it's certainly not OP.  My guess is that we will be able to cast other spells, but if it turns out to not be the case, it won't be the end of the world.  
    2. I'm 90% sure that haste/cast speed will improve DOT effectiveness by having them tick faster.  Otherwise cast speed is of marginal benefit to a class with a heavy focus on over-time spells. 
    3. Probably limited to their own bar, but they won't have any super-powerful abilities deserving of a spot on the shaman's bar anyway (aside from the one slot to summon the pet).
    4. No clue
    5. If I was designing this skill, I would give DOT/HOT crits a chance to proc the increase based on the number of ticks of the spell.  So for a spell that has 10 ticks, each crit would have a 10% chance of procing the increase, while a spell with 20 ticks would only give a 5% chance.  This would more or less normalize the effect of the buff on direct damage/healing and over time damage/healing spells.  
    6. No clue, but the dream is to leave the imprint in hunting area, recall to town, sell, and port back!
    7. Jealousy or spite.

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    July 12, 2018 10:48 PM PDT

    Mines :


    1. The way it is described, Agewalker's Gift seems to me more of a "oh ****" effect that allows you to hinder the severity of death by putting your corpse in a safe area or emergency rez someone before falling for good. I think, if it was meant to allow for a few heals after death, it would have been clearly indicated, and I wouldn't bet on it beeing an angel of redemption for now.

    2. I guess casting speed would improve the reactivity of casts and reduce the delay after a cast, making the shaman more prone to chain abilities. For now, I don't know if a specific effect on hots is required, as sometimes, not every stat will contribute to some abilities.

    3. To me, the shaman's pet sound like every "stance like abilities" we've hear so far. I bet on it beeing an independant bar requiring no spell slot, and offering the full benefit of it, with his basic and advanced abilities.

    4. I think balefull lethargy has been removed of the "EQ esque spellbook" in favor of Scorched Fog's spell line. It was already like that in the late Shaman streams at Black Rose Keep, and no way to slow firsthand was avaliable then. That means it's no longer possible to Slow in one spell, neither to slow CCed targets as the Fire Bane is a dot.

    5. The way I see it, any critical would account for this buff, and making hots roll a single critical chance at cast for the whole ticks would favor recasting untill you get a crit hot rolling on your tank. Maybe they will lock hots to trigger that effect more than once, however, if they feel Primal fury would increase by too much when you fully hot a full party. However, Primal fury might have it's own tuning by beeing restricted to one person at a time due to duration/cooldown, making it less desirable for healers.

    6. I do think the imprint will be lost on zoning, making it only good to prepare an escape of some sort or a recall to a town and friendly area, but maybe will it be range limited ? As it might offer too much tools for selective pulling in crowded areas (Run, tag a mob, and recall back in a safe area where your party is preparing to handle the wave).

    7. I think they are clerics, and care little about the flow and ebb of Eras.

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    July 13, 2018 8:10 AM PDT

    1.  The way I read it, you get to drag your body away from the dangerous spot you died in (e.g. by a mob that AOE'd), then you can cast Part the Veil on YOURSELF (description of 'ally' usually includes yourself, e.g. Primal Fury).  You are now ready to carry on the fight.

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    July 13, 2018 5:22 PM PDT

    Self res??  Hmmmm... that would be interesting.  Especially since you come back with full HP & Mana.  The Druid has Chrysalis, so maybe!   Or maybe it's castable on everyone except self.

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    July 13, 2018 5:44 PM PDT

    1.  I would say that Agewalker's Gift will let you drag your own corpse away to a safe(ish) location where you then cast Part the Veil on yourself after which you then start rezzing others.

    2.  Vision appears to just let you cast faster, not increasing the power of the spells that you cast.  Personally I'd much prefer faster casting spells than slower more powerful ones.

    3.  I bet the pet will be similar to the EQ1 Beastlord pet, starts off weak, grows in strenght as you level.  Hopefully the pet's combat abilities not end up being a joke like the EQ1 shaman pet.

    4.  Scorched Fog is the new slow ability but also lowers ATK to reduce incoming DPS.  This will most likely be cast in conjunction with Shackle of the Dust Eater

    5.  I doubt that the effects would then trigger other effects becuase you can easily get into a self reinforcing loop.  But, who knows.

    6.  I see Walk the Ages as a mini-bind.  I hope that the duration is unlimited and the distance is the full zone.  If you can interact with things when under the effect of the spell, what's to stop you from just casting it at a safe spot in a dungeon then xping with a group under the effect?  I'm betting there will be limitations on what you can and cannot do while the spell is active.

    7.  There were Dwarf Shaman years ago, but the Ogres at them all at the last All Shaman Gathering.