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    July 12, 2018 9:20 AM PDT

    ok its here the cleric so lets check the basic, we can turn undead and other cursed enimies not really sure what cursed enimies are but sure divine damage is the way to burn them.

    we use mana. and Celestial Power/Celestial Bond the higher the less mana,and we only need to heal to get Celestial Power.

    all armor and shield

    all blunt weapons and Celestial Tome


    ok so far so good now for the passiv abilites 

    Favor of the Order

    Passive ability. Your successful melee attacks heal you for X% of the damage they deal. now i dont se mutch use beside in the first 10+ levels or so when your mana is low with your health dwindling but

    its a nice flavor and its free =)


    Passive Ability. While you maintain a Celestial Bond, your heals cannot be interrupted and you are able to heal while stunned. this is very nice and very usefull you can always count that the heal will land

    (it might fizzle anyway) you only need to maintain the bond.

    Resilient Pages

    Passive Ability. While holding a Celestial Tome, if your Wisdom is higher than your enemy’s, there is a chance your Tome will reduce X% of incoming damage from that enemy’s attack. it sounds like a shield and act like a shield to some extent not sure if it can match a shield ? well time will tell tomes have probobly other properties and it is cleric only =)

    Celestial Focus

    Epic Skill. When you meditate, you will generate Celestial Power in addition to Mana. nuff said it is a "will make life easier ability"

    ok lets go to divine damage/death to the undead !!

    White Light

    You overwhelm an Undead enemy with brilliantly pure light, inflicting significant damage over time and imposing your righteous will, causing them to attack the nearest Undead enemy for a short time.

    yay lets team upp with a paladin and have a blast !

    Revile Undeath

    You smite an Undead enemy with astonishing power, inflicting high damage and reducing their movement speed by X% for a short time.More undead fun perhaps i can even kite a skeleton or 2 =)


    You release a torrent of celestial power into your enemy, inflicting Divine damage. This ability will cause Divine damage over time against Undeath. ugh more undead spells but attleast it looks like all enimies will take divine damage so perhaps it is our poor DD spell...

    ok lets go to buffs

    Awaken Bravery

    Dramatically increases the Maximum Health and Armor Class of an ally.typical eq spell everyone wants more health so yes this spell will be cast alot =)

    Ethereal Armor

    You manifest celestial armor around an ally. This gift increases their Armor Class and can cause physical attacks against them to become Glancing Hits, dramatically reducing the incoming damage.

    yes more armor protection =less healing kinda like the ide of it have a % to more or less reduse damage how often and how mutch might determin how great the spell is.anyway most will likly use it anyway=)

    Edict of Peace

    A word of peace surrounds your ally, causing their activities to generate less Hate for the duration of the effect. not sure about this one i mean it is not for the tanks and the dps classes can lower there hate in some way or another i might consider it on a caster/healer situation but i will probobly not use it att all ??

    Olamai's Blessing

    A fabled blessing known to purge powerful Curses. ok we can cure curses sounds fun hope i can get many chanses to use it ? but i guess it will colect dust...

    Signet of Refreshing

    A powerful signet that improves the accumulation of your group’s unique combat resources for a short time.This is the buff i was most suprised to se and hopfully one of the most powerfull of em all !!

    it speed upp the whole partys speciall powers everyone is gaining this gives extra healing/dps/tanks get to use heroic feats etc..only dark cloud is how long or mana cost >< still i think this is a great buff =)

    Light of Murik

    You whisper across the pages of your Tome, willing the Light of Murik to shine forth. This ability turns your Tome into a moderate light source. If used while you have a Celestial Bond, this ability turns your Tome into a supernatural light source, granting visibility in Atmospheres of supernatural darkness. (Requires Celestial Tome). well fun to be a walking talking batteri to my glowing tome but attleast i can traverse the darkest places without fear =)

    Celestial Aegis

    You manifest the Celestial Aegis for a limited duration. You can place this massive shield of light in the environment, or even carry it for short distances. While it lasts, it is an immovable object that no enemy will be able to pass through.well sory i just cant se the point in it, i will of course test it in alpha if i can get my greedy hands on it (hear that joppa,kilsin) so i stay neutral to it for now...

    Edict of Stillness

    You pacify your enemy’s will for a short time, making them unresponsive to activity happening around them unless directly engaged. hmm can it be like lull or a mezz not sure??


    Brings a fallen ally back to life, restoring a portion of their lost experience. Causes Resurrection Sickness. Only usable out of combat. ok are you ready really ready for this! because you will get plenty of tells to rez and rez and rez.. did i mention rez requests jokes aside i am kinda happy we got it like this =)

    Plea of the Devout

    Bring a fallen ally back to life in the heat of battle. This ability does not cause Resurrection Sickness and will restore 80% of your ally’s Max Health and Mana. Usable in combat. ok a battle rez this might be a dubble edged sword like oh **** the tank is dead if i rez him will the dps classes die before he is upp and will he really want to be battle rezed ...make sure to talk to the party before that happends and have a somewhat solid plan what to do best of luck =)

    Tome of the Initiate

    You manifest a Celestial Tome to carry. As you start your journey, you will only be able to wield the power of the basic Tomes provided to Initiates of the Cleric Order. As you grow in level, your ability to manifest and wield more powerful Tomes will grow as well. who said we dont get a pet !! i will name mine wilson and he is my best friend =)

    Meele abilities =)

    Determined Strike

    You strike your enemy with a sturdy blow, inflicting Physical damage plus additional Divine damage based on your Wisdom. well not mutch to say more divine pain!

    Searing Cudgel

    A powerful melee attack that deals greater damage the longer you charge the attack before releasing. Undead targets will take additional Divine damage based on your Strength and Wisdom. this is a great start of a conversation with an undead =)

    Healing powers

    Celestial Light

    Heals your ally for a moderate amount. If your ally’s health is below 30%, this ability will manifest a celestial guard, increasing that ally’s Armor Class by X% of your Armor Class for Y seconds. If Light Shroud is active on your target, Celestial Light will refresh its duration. ok this will probobly be your most used spell in your arsenal get ready to spam it moderate heal with a low mana cost (i hope)

    Burst of Life

    Swiftly heals your ally’s wounds for a high amount. this will be your primary oh crap spell strong heal with a strong drain on mana/coldown

    Light Shroud

    Shroud your ally in restorative light, healing them over time for X duration. Only useable on one target at a time.ok main tank because it works to spam calestial light nuff said

    Arcing Luminance

    Instantly restores a portion of your health, then jumps to two additional group members, healing X% more each jump. After the second group member is healed, you will be healed again for the same amount. The amount healed per jump will increase based on your Wisdom. kinda a joker spell not sure what other member will get the spell, nearest ,most damage or random ?? attleast it heals you right =)

    Reckon's Shield

    Surrounds your target with protective light, reducing all incoming damage by X% for Y duration. i am guessing very short duration and heavy mana usage but it might save the tank if you time it to sertain visual attack patterns =)

    Reckon's Barrier

    Clerics can evolve Reckon’s Shield into Reckon’s Barrier, dramatically increasing the amount of damage reduction. In addition, critical hits against your target while Reckon’s Barrier is active will heal the target for X% of the damage inflicted.just a better version with a a bigger drain to your manapool i guess ??

    Reithal's Luminous Shield

    A supernatural healing ability that heals your ally for an amount equal to your Max Health. this will be your a crap buttom multiplied by 2 it will probobly be your best heal (of what have been stated)


    You mark a target group member for X duration. While marked, Y% of the damage taken by each member of your group will be converted into healing for the marked target. this is a interesting spell will probobly work wonder when you have a offtank in your group and you cant heal both equally good. this will help alot, my guess =)


    Matches your Health with the Health of your defensive target by either bringing your Defensive target’s Health up to your level, or bringing your Health up to the level of your Defensive target.kinda wierd spell but in a raid situation you swap health with a big tank your max health will rise alot and you can make a really uber heal with Reithal's Luminous Shield more or less a CH =)

    thats my take and to finalase it a very great thanks to VR team for working with my favorite class =)