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How to add someone to my block list?

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    June 19, 2018 9:20 PM PDT

    On my profile page is says "To add someone to your block list, visit that person's profile page."

    Except when I do that - yes, while logged in - all I see is:

    Private Page

    You do not have permission to view this private page.


    I very much would like to block all content from someone who strikes me as a total #%$@^$%$@!%$!!!

    So how can I block them?

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    June 20, 2018 3:29 AM PDT

    1. Go to "Browse Members":

    2. Search for the person's name

    3. Click "Block Member" under their name

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    June 20, 2018 11:04 AM PDT

    Whoot! Thanks a bunch Baz!

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    June 21, 2018 3:41 AM PDT

    Glad to help!