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Class Synergy Concerns and Ideas

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    June 19, 2018 11:01 AM PDT

    Hello everyone, I'd like to say I am excited to get to take a look at the summoner soon! (ish) While waiting to see what some of are abilities will be I have some hopes for our class, and would like to hear concerns and hopes of others! One of my main concerns is I would like to know that we synergize and work well with other classes for instance.


    Melee: We have the obvious synergy of the added dps from our pets, but I hope we get a lot of utility to help in the form of things we can summon. For example we could summon food, items with useful abilities like invisibility or levitation, barriers, weapons and armor etc. Maybe damage shields if we end up being elementalists.

    Casters: We could have our pets possibly tank, with maybe still some utility from items. A concern of mine here is I'd like to see synergy between our spells. In EQ1 the mage buffed his own pet with haste and such, which meant that when more buff orientated classes grouped with you there wasn't much increase  in ability for our pets. While I am all for some of our spells being focused on our pets and strengthening them, it would be nice if they stacked well with other classses allowing us to feel more powerful when grouped with them.

    Special: There's always room for other special ways we migh be able to unite classes abilities. For instance I love the idea of being able to summone extraordinarily powerful creatures the summoner cannot hope to control, but with the help of a skilled enchanter's charms, we could have a sort of shared pet. Maybe it could have a lowered resistance to charming or always maximum charm duration, allowing enchanters to have a safer but still deadly powerhouse when working with a summoner.

    These are just some examples, but I really would love to see fun ways for classes to work together.

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    June 21, 2018 1:55 PM PDT

    There are many things I would like to see....


    Id like to be able to drop a portal at the beging of a dungeon and than when people need to leave and we are inviting people I can just summon my portal and have them appeaar in front of me.... Like call of the hero but we are summoners hence summon the portal.....It would be nice to be able to have 2 or 3 portals that you can choose a place for but I think it would be fun to summon a portal for a friend and have them drop off a cliff.... and that way you will always keep them guessing.....


    I would like to be able to summon cages for some light cc but nothing like the enchanter should have.... We could summon barriers lets say we pull to many and I can block a path off in a dungeon might let my team escape.... or I could split the group up so the other mobs have to break the barrier... oh and did I mention this barrier is a flame barrier or a static shock barrier to kill them a bit and I would like to be able to send the agro to the tank lol


    I would like to see us summon things like weapons and armor for our pets.... damage shields are a must in my opinion...


    I want us to have direct damage spells that hit hard.... but I would like to see them be creative and let us summon an anvil and drop it on the heads of are victim or victims with some aoe love...there could be a few things you could summon but you dont know which one will pop out of the portal and crash into our enemies..... 


    I would like to see us being able to tie in damage with making it harder for our enemies to damage us... summon atmoshere/climate system around enimies or be able to put a fog of war around a small group and pull them out 1 at a time or be able to summon a heavy weight jacket or chains to make mobs slower... lol or an anchor neclace.... wouldnt that look good lol


    I like being a pet class so It would be cool do have a few spells or a line of spells that let us really focus on our pets


    I think it would be cool to summon a cloud of magnets that stick to one enemy or multiple enemies and then summon a lighting storm or something that would attract lightning..... and again keep the atmoshere and climate systems in play would be very cool.... or when you summon the magnets you can then summon swords daggers and they would go directly to the magnets....The sword or daggers could travel from enemy to enemy like a chain spell... that woulkd be funny to see a sword going back and forth on enemies...


    I know... I know... this would be way Over Powered but summon a portal I could hide in while still be able to see around me... like a pocket dimension... you know keeping up the summoning theme with portals..... Like a get out of jail free card.... think of it like a feign death



    I will try and think of other things.... 


    You said something about summoning food and water... I really do not want to be a vending machine but if that had to happen id like to see our stuff add some buffs.... because we wouldnt give our group members crappy food it would be healthy in the way of stats I mean it could be small like a small bump to there run speed a little extra health or anything really something fun to add to the group....I really wouldnt care if our food made people ribbit like a frog every once in awhile just keep it fun... or have them have a little green mist of smoke come out there buts to let everyone know they are passing gas.... the buffs or fun could really be endless


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    June 21, 2018 3:27 PM PDT

    Gurt said:


    Personally, I've never been too interested in magicing up walls or barricades, creating food and drink from mana, calling bound weapons and armor to my hand, or refilling the quivers of my allies. I want to fill the battlefield with creatures. Creatures from across the world and beyond. I want to call bound elementals, celestials, and demons to my aid as they serve my will alongside alongside rats, wolves, bears, minotaurs, mammoths and more.

    I want to fill the battlefield with creatures great and small so I can sit back and watch my minions do my work for me.



    I like this idea also... A guy named Gurt said this in another post.... interesting idea...

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    June 21, 2018 4:53 PM PDT

    I am definitely more a fan of creature summoning than food/item summoning, but my experience with EQ1 magicians has left me with a fondness for burnt bread and randomly useful items :P.

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