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Healing Proficiency

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    May 30, 2018 10:45 AM PDT

    I've been thinking a lot about how healing has worked in most MMOs I've played in the past, and I realized that PRoTF may finally bring something more challenging.

    Most MMOs I've played have followed the same basic healing strategy at nearly all level ranges:

    • Tanks: HoTs + Large/Moderate Heals + Large/Fast Heals for oh s*!t moments
    • Cloth: Medium/Fast Heals
    • DPS: Medium Heals as needed

    Obviously this is a bit over-simplified, as casting times on different spell ranges also affect selection, but overall I'd say it's pretty accurate. While it's worked over the years and was generally effective, it defintely made healing feel extremely "samey" from one game to the next.

    Now it seems we're going to have to adapt to each situation based specifically on the healer we're using, as we know they'll be somewhat segmented into HoT, Large Direct, and Indirect healing. Add to this the concepts of damage shield/runes, environmental effects and what looks to be a significant resistance meta, and I have a feeling PRoTF is going to keep healers on our toes.

    Aside from those I listed above, what other factors do you see changing how we play healers? Do you think we'll end up following the same routine(s) we're used to, or have to learn as though we're starting fresh again? Personally, I'm hoping for the latter.

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    June 1, 2018 2:07 PM PDT


    I think the next thing that will differentiate how we will heal will be how we select the actual target (group or raid).

    The list below are pretty much standard methods:

    1. Mouse Clicking on target (time consuming, not good for those with rotten ping rates - me!)
    2. Mouse-Over on a panel (whack-a-mole, not looking at the game, but rather the heal panel)
    3. Key-binding your targets (useful for small groups, not raid)
    4. Macros (some heal/utility spells will be more useful if macro'ed)



    I also want to be able to have a fairly flexible (moveable/customisable) User Interface, so that I can move groups, heal targets, etc around. Being able to group tanks, healers, mellee, casters in raid settings, setting up my focus groups, etc or my assigned healing group if in raid, etc.

    The spell bar is also important. If we are allowing Macros, then I'd want to be able to set these up on specific spell bars with the associated key binding, etc. You know - dispell disease, battle rez, etc.


    It's a lot to ask of a new MMO, and most of this that I'm wanting all belong to fairly sophisticated MMOs.

    I honestly can't think that healing (like tanking, etc) can be anything other than samey.

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    June 1, 2018 7:47 PM PDT

    You covered most of it. What you didn’t mention is how the more 'experienced' the character is, the more their heal styles will vary.

    The dev’s have stated they plan on having the regular run of the mill content and quests. Here’s your heal, here’s your heal over time, here’s your shield spell, etc…

    However, the way the way I understand the content is being made, individual characters are going to have different spells in their spellbook based on in world accomplishments. You’re not a master Monk unless you learn the super awesome back kick move from the man on the mountain. How do you get there? Figure it out!

    Oh you’re a 31 Cleric? Have you finished your pilgrimage quest? No? So you don’t have [insert rare spell here]? Alright, sorry adventurer, the spider we are going to kill, her brood can only die if you use [insert rare spell here] first. Safe travels!

    That spider may be level 24, and 1v1, maybe a skilled Cleric could even solo it. However, if this specific rare spell isn’t in their spellbook, nobody is making it past the trash mobs to the epic lewtz.

    All that in mind, you have to think the devs will get more and more creative with inter-dependency on spells, actions, and changes of fights based on rare spells involved. Maybe if you’re buffed in nature defenses, the child like forest deity will throw a tantrum and pound the ground for physical damage. This opposing move doesn’t happen if you’re not buffed to resist his relatively harmless nature spells. Heh, how many times do you think a group would wipe before they figured that out!?

    Heck, I can imagine a scenario where, say, a Wizard has a firebomb type move that does massive damage, but it does friendly fire too. Imagine they had to go on a quest chain from their class hall to find out how to isolate the explosion, concentrating the area affect damage that hits friend and foe. Completing the chain potentially could let them direct that damage into a single target spell, or maybe just learning to protect the fires from hitting friends and keep it as a lethal area affect spell.

    Sorry, I know that isn’t healing, but that Wizard isn’t getting through their trials without a healer friend tagging along, because that fire bomb not only does direct damage to everyone, it does damage over time. Maybe, for ensuring the Wizard succeeds, that healer gets some kind of ‘fire’ enhancement to their base spell, or their buff spell has an increased fire resistance. Any of these just for being there during the Wizards trials.

    But, maybe you can’t get invited to the Wizard’s guild hall without running a couple of errands beforehand, earning trust. You can’t get those things killed without the burst damage of the Wizard’s quick cast spells vs your slow striking spells. Also you probably should go and find that water damage resist spell you heard about, since these water bolts hit HARD. Or maybe you can ask a Rogue, he’s in need of a healer to help him raid a bandit’s hold so he wants to get on your good side anyways. Plus, all three of you can use the rep points anyways, and with three grouped up the content would get shredded. Hey, ask that warrior over there fishing if he wants to join, too, the mobs drop the rare meat he needs to catch the rare fish in the stream there. J

    Interdependency… Forcing group play… Magical!

    So to answer your question directly. Yeah, I think some healers will take the same old same old default path on how to heal. Small Heal, Big Heal, Heal over Time. Bread and butter, but that’s a boring meal if it’s all you eat. I think the PRotF will provide unique pathways to individual customization that well let you add your own *seasoning* to your character.

    IDK, I’m letting my imagination get ahead of me. I trust the devs to create a game that will hit all the sweet spots. I don’t expect to be number crunching and min maxing to kill a boss. I expect to be looking for clues, in a book on a random shelf or some kind of rare drop.

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    June 3, 2018 11:29 AM PDT

    Thx Techninja - awesome ideas, yes I hope we get to do some specialisations with our spells to make them amazing.
    Like say, increase the heal power of our big nuke and/or reduce it's mana consumption if we do a certain chain of tasks for our gods.
    Or if we pray hard for instance we would get a quest line that would allow us to get something special from our gods (that will change our heal spells).

    So not are we only after gear, but also different, unique spell cast specialities! In fact, I hope this kind of facility is available to ALL classes.

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    June 3, 2018 2:17 PM PDT

    Really cool ideas from you guys. I also hope for some form of specialization and/or additional modifications to existing spells.

    I'm still unsure if I'll main a cleric, but I'm leaning heavily that way. I really enjoy the pressure of being a primary healer. :)

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    June 3, 2018 2:46 PM PDT

    I'm going to main a cleric. Wanting to be a Dark Myr too. Expecting my first alt to be a human/paladin.