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Paladin after recent news

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    April 10, 2018 7:37 PM PDT

    I wanted to chime in on a few things since the information from Baz's recent video. I like what I heard, but I would have liked a bit more details on them as tanks. 

    So here's my food for thought on the matter:

    It never made sense to me in EQ how Cleric's have a wide list of undead spells and abilities, but paladin's where only half as good. I always felt like Paladins should, between the two, have better damage spells against undead with clerics lacking behind them but have a wider "utility" spells to aid them. For example, clerics get the ability to invis vs. undead, fear, blind, etc. where a paladin probably would have access to such abilities, or have them in some other way like a combat ability instead of a spell. Sounds like that is the same mindset that I have with the recent news, so I am very glad to hear that.

    Also, in EQ, paladins had disciplines that didn't really be as "helpful". I use "helpful" very loosely here. They had a fearless ability that made them immune to fear for 11 seconds, but later if you spent the time to grind some AAs, you could get this as a passive ability. Making the discipline completely useless afterward. I personally feel like paladins should have some sort of innate fear resistance. They had another that slightly increased their resistance, but overall I never remember using it all that much. another that critical hits vs. everything and crippling blows vs. undead with an increased probablity of going of. Eh! And the last one granted them immunity to most types of harmful spells. Decent. Warriors got so many more disciplines and really helped them out w/ tanking. Now I am not saying that paladins should have the same number, I just pointing out that this is an example of where paladin had ablilites that didn't really help them. It's one of the cornerstones as to why paladins were never tanks in majority of raids.

    I always felt like paladins thru their training would be able to turn any weapon they use against undead. Yes, blunt would be better, but paladins thru their training would be able to "channel" and turn any weapon they use into a intrument vs. undead. The way I figured is their abilities would function normally, but if the target is undead, then it would be extra damage, effects, etc. They themselves are the weapon mindset.

    Also, I do not want to see paladin's fall into that same situation they did in EQ, where just about every paladin weapon was "X weapon type" ie 1h slashing. I would like to see them avoid being tied to a certain weapon. I get "situational" gear, blunt better for this, slashing better for this, etc, etc. I just would like to see if a player wanted to play as a 1h piercing (spear) paladin, it's a variable option and not feel forced to play a certain weapon because that's the "vision". 

    I still would like to see a paladin as a high armor class, lowest hp of the tanks. Having to rely on his shield as his defense. Block skill the highest of the tanks, but parry the lowest of the tanks. Having some of his tanking abilities around the idea of blocking. 

    With the lore as I know it and have read, I don't think paladin's are going to have that "lay of hands" ability. With the way I am understanding, that "connection" is no longer there, cut off, disabled, whatever. So maybe, lay of hands will come in the form of an epic ability that you have to find from a master in order to learn it. That sounds about right and along side the lore as I know it. So will be interesting to see how that turns out.

    I still like the idea of paladins having auras, or "inspirations". They are leaders after all, symbols of valor and justice. Party wide buff that effects your party, with some range limit but considering placement and stuff, range should be wide enough to hit those that are out of range, but not to the point where people can stay at enterance and get buff while we are fighting at the end sort of situation.

    Sounds like each class are going to be unique, with very little overlap in "like-abilities". Good to hear, I like the idea that i've taking that cleric training and use it in a different way that doesn't conflict with them. The way I explained it to someone earlier, Paladins entered Cleric bootcamp, but on completion decided it wasn't for them and walked away.

    Still like to see halfling paladins :P

    I look fowarding to knowing more about the class and their design. As well as other's thoughts.

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