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What class(s) are you interested in the most.

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    April 7, 2018 5:31 PM PDT

    I am going to be playing Dire Lord no mater what.  Given the choices of races to play I think Dark Myr is the only one for me.  I simply don't play humans in MMOs if given the choice and I don't really connect with the Skar.  Ogre seems like a solid choice but also doesn't fit me.  I am not sure what to expect out of the Dark Myr but it seems like it could provide some interesting play.  How about you?  What class are you going to play?

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    April 7, 2018 7:36 PM PDT

    Paladin! secretly hoping for halfling in the long run, but planning on human at the moment.

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    April 9, 2018 3:04 AM PDT

    whoops misread the topic

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    April 9, 2018 7:33 AM PDT

    I plan on warrior.. I dont suspect many warriors will choose Dark Myr.  I like to play unusual class/race combinations to be unique.  I also find Dark Myr more visually appealing than the high fantasy usuals humans/dwarfs/elves


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    April 9, 2018 9:20 AM PDT

    Druid for me. I think the Dark Myr druid seems really interesting, since Dark Myr are suppose to be spiteful. A spitefule aquatic druid just seems fun to me.

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    April 16, 2018 6:33 AM PDT

    Cleric all the way !! will be so fun to wield a mace underwater =)

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    April 22, 2018 8:11 AM PDT
    After we get all the class and race information we’ll have a more concrete decision, but my boyfriend and I are leaning towards an enchanter / dire lord combination for our mains as Dark Myr.
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    April 22, 2018 11:07 AM PDT

    Dire lord , warrior or.. I don't know ! Dark myr will be one of my main "alts" but maybe not my main main.

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    April 22, 2018 3:30 PM PDT

    Watemper said:

    Druid for me. I think the Dark Myr druid seems really interesting, since Dark Myr are suppose to be spiteful. A spitefule aquatic druid just seems fun to me.


    Angry druid sounds fun to me as well. 

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    May 20, 2018 8:11 AM PDT
    I think dark myr dire lord will be like your dps oriented dark elf sks from everquest in someways. Can’t wait to try it out!
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    May 24, 2018 12:22 PM PDT

    My main in EQ was a Dark Elf SHD, so I will most definitely try a Dire Lord but the game mechanics will determine if I will main DL or warrior.  It sounds as though the Dire Lord will be nothing like the SHD in regard to it being a hybrid of the Necro.  (If the DL has no spell utility like invis or levitate I will likely just be a warrior...)  With that said I am very interested in the Necro and Druid as my caster options as well (depending on their mechanics).


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    July 16, 2018 5:30 AM PDT

     For me ones ill try in beta.

    1 Gnome Summoner

    2 Dark Myr Druid


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    December 25, 2018 4:40 AM PST

    Dire lord or Warrior, I want to get into some tanking action. Although depending on some of my old guildies from WoW we may not even play Dark Myr as a lot of them loves elves A LOT, I'll just try to convince them that Dark Myr is basically Night Elves.

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    December 30, 2018 5:33 AM PST

    Druid and Dire Lord for my Dark Myr. Maybe Necromancer if the class is released for the race; rogue, enchanter, and cleric all have piqued my interest too.

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    January 4, 2019 6:26 AM PST

    Well even though this is in the Dark Myr forum I will post my possible thoughts for all the class/race combos I am considering. And yes I'm including Necro and Bard since they are both listed on the Race/Class Matrix.

    Bard               Archai/Dark Myr/Elf
    Cleric             Dark Myr/Human
    Dire Lord        Ogre/Skar/Dark Myr
    Druid              Archai/Elf
    Enchanter       Human/Gnome
    Monk              Archai/Skar/Dark Myr
    Necromancer  Skar/Dark Myr
    Paladin           Dwarf
    Ranger           Elf/Halfling
    Rogue            Halfling/Gnome
    Shaman         Archai/Ogre
    Summoner     Dark Myr/Elf
    Warrior          Archai/Dark Myr/Ogre/Skar
    Wizard           Archai/Dark Myr

    Of course as I actually make some final decisions it will probably trickle down other decisions... For example if I make a Rogue Halfling, it will likely mean I will pick Ranger Elf, which will lead me to pick Archai Druid and Summoner Dark Myr, etc...

    Yet since there are less Races than Classes I will obviously have some duplicate races, but I do want to mix it up a bunch so I get to experience a whole range of content from different starting points and factions on all the classes.

    Any and all of these idea's may change when we actually get a reveal on Racial passives and actives and if they will be better on specific classes.

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    January 10, 2019 12:26 PM PST

    enchanter woooooo!!! pantheon making cc relevant again!

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    February 13, 2019 9:23 PM PST

    Female Monk 100%



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    May 6, 2019 4:01 PM PDT

    Dire Lord or Cleric. Still hoping Dark Myr gets Paladin though....

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    May 7, 2019 7:20 PM PDT

    Paladin, followed closely by Enchanter. Possibly dabbling in Dire Lord. I will raise mine as one more vote for Dark Myr Paladin.

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    May 8, 2019 7:18 AM PDT

    It kind of makes sense that Dark Myr would get paladin. They have much of the same fundamental culture as Humans, just way more aggressive, so why not.

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    May 8, 2019 7:40 AM PDT

    I feel the same and the only reason I can think of is that VR wishes limit the number of paladins you see running around Terminus. That's fine by me.  If that isn't the case, I wish they'd inform us becase there are some pious Myr warriors in the lore and I'm at a loss.

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    May 24, 2019 6:33 PM PDT

    Dark Myr enchanter -  (siren)  :)

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    September 23, 2019 7:10 PM PDT

    I find the idea of a Dark Myr bard very appealing.  Looking forward to all the SIREN lore crossover with this class/race combo.