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stealth/detection system

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    January 13, 2018 8:38 AM PST



    I would like to post here some ideas (and you are welcome to put more of them) about what i think would be interesting as a stealth/detection system, inspiring myself from several stealth games.


    Yet stealth is not shared among all the classes, mob detection system is everyone's business, so maybe it would be worth a shot making it deep.


    What gets me often interested in stealth games is the depth of the detection system and the way you can bypass it.


    For example, in stealth games, mobs have a line of sight. When you enter it, depending on your movement type, they detect you quicker or slower. When detected, they aggro you. If you are out of they line of sight, they can still detect you with the noise you make. Noise often works as a circle around the character and can be dampened by stealth (or some spells) or increased by explosions and fights. You can also lure them throwing items on the ground, making a noise signal that attracts them for you to dispose of them in a more convenient way.


    I would be pretty happy if some ideas from this system were implemented in terminus. I reckon it's not a stealth game, so it's not the game's main focus, but it would make the game much deeper when it comes to playing with a rogue, ranger, or in some specific situations with other classes if the game involved a deep stealth/detection system, and not a basic 360° long range aggro for the mobs and only the stealthed/not stealthed status changing something.


    I'm pretty interested in the noise system. One could craft a device to make noise on a countdown, working as a lure, for example.

    Or one could think of a clockwork mechanism moving around to attract foes when you activate it. Or also taming a little rat to make it do the job for the ranger, giving simple orders like : make noise at this location then come back.


    Mages could cast invisibility spells or noise dampening spells, even summoners could cast cardboard boxes or druids could use some natural spells in this regard, like leafy shoes, cloaking vines, or create bushes to hide in. Warriors could dig themselves also.


    What do you think of it ?





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    January 13, 2018 9:37 AM PST

    Stealth games are a lot of fun.  I used to especially like the old Thief series.   I like your ideas and hope that we see some of these elements in the rogue class.

    I'd like to see some reasonable limitations placed on invisibility/stealth based on proximity.   In EQ you could invis or hide and be stepped on by a wandering hill giant and you were not detected.  I'd like to see some demand for situational awareness at all times.

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    January 13, 2018 9:39 AM PST

    I like the idea of making stealth a non ultimate feature. Too often it ends up a unfailable key once trained, used with no riks from rear to front. Making stealth fail from front would force rogues to think twice to how approaching ennemies and use decoys to lure them.

    The thief series was awesome, yet focused about that aspect, and taking some inspiration to offer some level of skillplay to rogues could really allow them to shine, or not, depending dynamic choices.

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    February 25, 2018 9:39 AM PST

    I think it depends on how realistic you want it to be...stealth is realistically only viable from a distance where you have some sort of cover, or if youre able to maneuver behind and enemy and sneak up on him silently without him knowing youre there, but the second you took action the rest of his culprits would take notice, im sure they already have a pretty in depth idea of how its going to work, but perhaps stealth should be used to open doors, set traps, etc. somewhere along that line anyway que popped!