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The Excitement Grows!

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    November 6, 2017 12:47 PM PST

    Get your blades and bow together, snap on your armor and disappear into the wilds once again...

    Travelling many miles to a tiny farm where your long lost axe-wielding friend has been growing fat on his ever-clever healing hands wife's cooking. They agree to join you in a few days trading the animals for some healthy steeds. You move on with the the pace of a loping wolf to a old stone lookout tower on the next hillside where a grey haired older gent greets you by name before even closing the leather bound book he was intently studying. He knows of the goblin uprising and agrees they need to be dealt with, he will gather up his things and meet you two nights from now once he gathers the drunk yet unbelievely mesmerizing sort from the city's brothel and sobers him up enough for the trek. 

    As the shadows grow long you decide to to gather some dinner and look for a cozy place to set up camp. Getting your charred cloth to ignite from your flint and steel and adding it to your nest of dried catoninetail tops and birch bark the ember becomes a flame. its not long before the freshly caught trout from the nearby stream and wild leeks you foraged as you travelled thru the forest bubble up in your small cookpot with the few potatoes you helped yourself to at your first stop and a pinch of salt from your mess kit tin. A wonderful stew to say the least, with a full belly and a cleaned up camp you settle in for the night on your bed of spuce boughs placing your weapons within easy grasp you pull your cloak around you and think of all your old friends you need to find and talk to, for this battle is just the beginning...  

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    November 6, 2017 1:36 PM PST

    Hahah, this is why our community is the best; look at this man/woman's excitement. It was actually a decent read lol. Ironically it also gave me an idea lol. When he was told to meet him in 2 days for the "quest," it made me think how immersive/Evercrack-esque it would be if we actually had to meet him 2 day/night cycles later (or two IRL days depending on how hardcore people want it). But yeah, that would be really immersive to be forced to be at the mercy of the environment's day and night cycle, relaying us into fishing or some other activity while we wait for a couple days to pass in game. Can't recall this ever being done. Reminds me of a post I made awhile back regarding The Hobbit movie, where the group had to wait until a full moon to shine before they could enter Smaug's domicile. Little things like that do add flavor/immersion to a world; all about being forced to respect the environment.

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    May 19, 2018 12:25 PM PDT

    …You awake, though you’re not sure why, but always trusting your 6th sense you lay there not moving or changing the rhythm of your breathing, you listen. The night crickets repetitive chirp, the babble of the shallow water flowing over cobbles in the stream, the distant “hooh'HOO-hoo-hoo” of a great horned owl, and there it was… the tensing of muscles, gripping of claws into the forest duff and low deep-down guttural almost inaudible growl.

    You ready yourself, waiting and it comes. You hear the push off and the swish of air of the leap, timing your roll at the impact you spin thrusting upwards kicking with your legs tossing the springing puma with its own momentum to the other side of you.

    Bouncing to your feet with gleaming blades of your dagger and short sword in hand you scuff the ashes of your fire spreading glowing embers across the bare ground between you and your foe. The cat twisting its body in midair easily landing on its front paws first then touching down with its powerful rear legs it spins facing you screaming. Unsure what to make of the red flickering embers on the ground in front it, it paces side to side.

    The fresh air relighting a charred stick in your campfire illuminating your silhouette flaring your cloak making yourself look larger to the indecisive younger puma, which thought of you only seconds ago as an easy meal.  “Not today little one!”, you say loudly, as you hook the flaming stick under your boot toe and toss it towards the cat. It jumps back, and you then clang the flats side of you weapons together enticing it to turn and run off into the bushes. You hear her curse at you as you gather up your fire and add more dry wood to it. “Little One come back…I have a bit of dried venison for you if you behave!” You shout in a raised voice into the thickets. Suddenly a furry head peers out of the brambles looking at you…

     I wrote this a while back…before the reveal! It appears I trusted my 6th sense…Awesome ranger devs can’t wait to work with him!



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