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Homes and Gods of the Races

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    February 20, 2017 9:33 PM PST

    Based on everthing I've read and the world map as it stands, here is some information I've collected on the races brought to Terminus. Please let me know if there are any mistakes.


    Home City: Khadassa - Continent: Whitethaw - First Era of Collisions: 7 IH - Gods: Khaza (Descended to High Mortal - Current King of dwarves), Rhazik (Forcibly Descended to High Mortal - Imprisoned), Lockehnhammur (Lock, Ehn and Hammur)


    Home City: Faerthale - Continent: Kingsreach - First Era of Collisions: 9 IH - Gods: Aellos and Dythiir



    Home City: Broken Maw - Continent: Reignfall - First Era of Collisions: 12 IH - Gods: Graven Hold (Pantheon name)


    Note: In the lore it states, "In 450 IH, the Third Era of Collisions began, critically starting with the aforementioned Ginto." But then later states, "With the Second Era of Collisions starting in the Spring of 450, the Age of Chaos officially began."  I assume this was a copying mistake from the original texts to this website, so I listed these next three races as appearing int he secon era of collisions.


    Home City: Thronefast - Continent: Kingsreach - Second Era of Collisions: 450 IH - Gods: Ossari (Descended to High Mortal - Deceased)

    Dark Myr

    Home City: Syronai's Rest - Continent: Reignfall - Second Era of Collisions: 450 IH - Gods: Syronai (Descended to High Mortal - Deceased), Nythir (God of Battle - Deceased)


    Home City: Su'Roa - Continent: Whitethaw - Second Era of Collisions: 450 IH - Gods: Haethus-Kevgrejl (Descended to High Mortal - Status unknown)


    Home City: Sorhiryth (Wild's End) - Continent: Kingsreach - Third Era of Collisions: 620-22 IH - Gods: Kiren (Ward of Flame), Six Wards of Hiryth (Pantheon name)


    Home City: Skargol - Continent: Reignfall - Third Era of Collisions: 620-22 IH - God: D'shath (The Nine God)


    Home City: Skyhold - Continent: Above Whitethaw - Third Era of Collisions: 620-22 IH - Gods: ?

    One thing that interests me is what caused the era of collisions. Perhaps it has something to do with the mysterious entity mentioned in The Dragon Accord.  I think that this is the same entity that stops Rok'Nhilthamos at Ka’Druhorr - the one the Dragon King calls Emissary. But why would the dragons recede from the world and the Emissary bring in new races?

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    February 23, 2017 9:24 PM PST

    "But why would the dragons recede from the world and the Emissary bring in new races?"

    I have a theory about this, but it's...sciency?

    So, the laws of Thermodynamics point to a certain truth - for every process, every single thing that happens in the entire universe (or any universe that subscribes to Thermodynamic laws), the entroy (or disorder) of the system increases.  This is commonly rendered in science as leading to the eventual "heat death" of the universe as matter and energy is dissipated equally across it, but due to the vastness of the universe, at very low levels.  That is, the background radiation/temperature of space is about 4 Kelvin, or -370ish Celcius, or - 5XX degrees F.  There's not enough energy for survival of life and essentially all chemicals become inert, meaning basically nothing would happen from then on.  It'd be like that episode of Reboot where Hex turns everything except herself and Bob to stone (wow, props for ANYONE who gets that reference.  XD)  While energy and matter may still exist (eventually just a low level baseline of energy in the far far FAR future), it will be incapable of any actions at that point, the energy having been rendered into a "useless" state (as energy cannot be created or destroyed, but its state can be changed).

    ...but...there are a few caveats.

    First, Einstein came up with a general equation to describe the universe that had a mystery term in it.  That is, it needed some extra variable term to work, but he never really had a good idea of what this variable WAS/IS.  Physicists now think it's a parameter that has to do with the "cuvature of the universe", which is to say, will the universe eventually fall back in on itself (a Big Crunch where, like an accordeon, everything that was spreading out from the Big Bang falls back together until it is another big mass and becomes the Big Bang of the next incarnation of the universe) or will it be either "flat" or expanding - both of which kind of lead to heat death, just the expanding side leads to it faster.

    Secondly, while it is true that the entropy of the SYSTEM (universe) will increase with all actions, on the local level, entropy can actually DECREASE.  This explains how things like evolution (and increase in structure and order/decrease in disorder) are possible - they basically shunt the disorder to the outside world.  So you can evolve a Human, for example, but it will make the Earth a more chaotic place.  It's like an "almost sort of conservation law that isn't a conservation law".


    This second point is where the movement of races and Terminus could make some sense.

    Imagine if you were a super-uber God.  You're higher than the Pantheons, and you see that the universe will have an eventual heat death probably.

    ...but wait, WHAT IF you took a bunch of planets and races, slammed them together into one, and then shunted all the entropy out of that planet into the rest of the universe?  By doing so, you could make a world that could, in effect, outlast the age of the universe so many times over as to be basically infinite.

    This to me makes some sense as an expalantion of Terminus:

    Over time, refugess are being brought in waves to what amounts to a planet-sized-arc.  A Planet-Arc if you will.  Just with entire people groups instead of just a male and female of each species.  Terminus is intended as a refuge to survive the eventual fates of the universe.


    Something I left out ont he "Big Crunch" scenario - if everything in the universe fell back into that big bass of energy and matter, everything that does so is destroyed.  It'd be like if everything fell into a giant sun.  All of your space ships, monuments, and obviously all life forms, would be consumed.  Yes, all their energy/atoms would be reused in the new universe, so it's still a somewhat "brighter" scenario than the heath death one (which is singularly depressing - all the monuments will eventually wear with time until nothing is left but cold space dust and all life has long since fallen to extinction), but as life forms and as individual structures and technology and such, it's all gone.

    ...but, what if you found a way to "wait out" the Big Crunch and the following Big Bang?  Then your species/culture could join this new universe as it's forming.  Whether you could shape it and "be gods" is an open question, but you'd be looking at billions or trillions of years to live and thrive in this new universe until the next Big Crunch/Big Bang - which you presumably now know how to "ride out".

    ...what if Terminus is that "riding out"?  What if it is being built as a world, an arc (like Noah from the Bible or like the Forerunner in Halo, same difference) to keep these races/civilizations from around the universe alive until after the next Big Bang, so that they can be then seeded/allowed to go to other worlds and continue life anew in this newly formed universe?

    In this telling/way of thinking about it, the Celestial Barrier might, in addition to keeping Celestials out (unless they descend to High Mortal form), also protect Terminus from the ravages of a dying universe and the birthing of the new one.

    Of course...if the universe Terminus is in is one suffering a heat death rather than a Big Crunch/Big Bang, you could also look at it as a ficiliator to shunt the entropy out of Terminus and a shied to slow/prevent entrophy leaking back in, to thus extend the life of Terminus.


    I remember reading something early on in the lore (which I now seem unable to find) that the world of Terminus was thrown together this way as sort of a last ditch effort to save something (the universe, presumably) from an otherwise inescapable darkness.  A gambit, of sorts, and it wasn't even certain if it would work.

    But, by the power of SCIENCE(!), I think what I described above might be one possible explaination, though there are others.

    Whether Terminus is an Arc to ride out the birthing of a new universe or a refuge to sustain life within a dying one...both do make some sense if you see the Celestials as sort of higher state of existence/knowledge/and technology beings.

    But hey: It's just a theory.

    A theory...about a game.  ;)


    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."


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    February 23, 2017 9:30 PM PST

    Oh.  Though I guess there is ONE further question:

    Why would the dragons agree to this?  To share their lands?  Moreover, not even share - basically to give up their homes to these refugess from other worlds?  Like, I can understand a pact to share the world, but the Dragons aren't simply sharing their homes - they basically moved out of them and went to live in caves and sewers, hidden from the refugees sheltering in their lands.  It'd be like if everyone in your country packed their things and vanished into the wilderness so refugees could use our homes, but we vanished so completely the refugees couldn't even find us when they went looking for us.

    That, I would guess, one would learn if they could get a copy and read/understand the Dragon Accord.

    What we do know is that whatever this Emmisary is, it's powerful enough to hold shut the jaws of an elder dragon - the Dragon King - at least momentarily, and to hold deference from said Dragon.  But Emmisary usually means representative, not principle agent.  That is, a diplomat, not a king.  Someone that works for someone even more powerful than they.

    Did this more powerful being basically tell the Dragons "This is how it's going to be.  You're either going to work with me on this project of mine, or I'm going to destroy you." ?  Or is it more a pact between equals where, instead of threats, the Dragons were promised something in return.  "Blood for blood.."?


    Regardless, Dragons still obviously exist, yet they have decided to willingly surrender their homes to refugees and go into hiding so thoroughly that none of the refugees can even find them in the modern era.

    The why behind that is still a mystery.

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    March 17, 2017 3:46 AM PDT

    linea said:


    Home City: Thronefast - Continent: Kingsreach - Second Collision: 450 IH - Gods: Ossari (Descended to High Mortal - Deceased)


    Great list!
    Just thought to mention that Humans are mentioned twice on your list :)



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    March 17, 2017 5:53 AM PDT

    Thanks for putting all of these in one place!

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    April 1, 2017 4:48 PM PDT

    @Renathras I gotta say I completely enjoyed your theory of universal extinction, but i have to ask wouldnt an ark to wait out this apocalypse only be viable if it was in another dimensional space? because by your theory all matter and energy would be crunched. even if the gods have a barrier around terminus it would still be powered by energy. but actually the devs had said at one point that there would be rifts found on terminus where the space was unstable and a risky teleportation would be possible. if dimensional barriers were ripped open in order to bring the people to terminus then such instability is to be expected. especially since it was a "Rush job"


    but then agian it could just be an attempt to hide everything from "Fluffy: Destroyer of Worlds"

    Image result for fluffy destroyer of worlds

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    April 22, 2017 9:07 PM PDT
    Awesome list, thank you for this Iinea!
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    April 23, 2017 12:55 PM PDT

    Sorte said:

    linea said:


    Home City: Thronefast - Continent: Kingsreach - Second Collision: 450 IH - Gods: Ossari (Descended to High Mortal - Deceased)


    Great list!
    Just thought to mention that Humans are mentioned twice on your list :)




    Thanks! Updated to remove repeat human listing.

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    May 24, 2017 10:22 PM PDT

    Great list linea, thanks!

    And interesting reading your theories and science explanations, Renathras. I think the idea of the races being sent to Terminus to protect/prepare them for a cataclysmic assault on or existential danger in the universe is quite plausible. The dragons must have felt it was in their best interest to leave.. to give themselves better chances of survival against an outside threat or to grow into a higher order of existence.. we'll find out.

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    May 31, 2017 4:41 AM PDT

    Read this again (for the n-th time, can't get enough lore, thinking of a theme for a new race song!) and noticed that Dwarves, Elves, and Ogres are all listed as third collision arrivals.  Shouldn't they be first?

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    June 3, 2017 2:56 PM PDT

    Kumu said:

    Read this again (for the n-th time, can't get enough lore, thinking of a theme for a new race song!) and noticed that Dwarves, Elves, and Ogres are all listed as third collision arrivals.  Shouldn't they be first?


    Good catch, I put third twice. Let me fix that.

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    June 10, 2017 5:55 PM PDT

    haha love the theory of terminus here! seems to be a few unanswered questions even given the lengthy discription, but great effort put for none-the-less!

    In order to maintain the entropy of the planet the Celestial Barrier would need to prevent entropy from escaping the planet. As eventually the sun(s) of terminus will extinguish/explode/etc. and without a significant source of entropy (solar radiation in this case) what little entropy the evolution of life on terminus produces would be negligable to the amount lost through movement (both rotational and through space). 

    This begs the question though; if energy cannot escape the Celestal Barrier, was there a way to destroy it implanted into it so that the races could later repopulate the new universe?

    And of course the slippery slope leads us on to; if evil found a way to destroy it, they would definitely try (do we have to stop them?). if evil succeeds while we still have our sun, can it be rebuilt? will the gods show themselves and help? Would you destroy the Barrier if that meant the gods might show their face? how do the dragons feel about this barrier? is it like Dragon-acide?

    Hehe just fun thoughts :) love hearing lore and theories, cant wait to see it all roll out into one brilliant tale.

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    April 24, 2019 8:19 PM PDT

    Let's resurrect and old thread.

    I agree that teleportation of actual pieces of the homeworlds to Terminus is the most likely scenario, but I can't wrap my head around being from different dimensions.  That would mean that the Celestials have control of multiple dimensions of entire universes, but that can't seem to transport them "stably?" And they can't even control the little g- gods of the races when they try to overthrow the entire world of Terminus? The Dragon Accord is obviously a pact between the Dragons and the Celestials to use Terminus as a hub for whatever experiment they are concocting. But that would mean the Celestials are responsible if the new immigrants start acting a fool and breaking the Celestial's side of the Covenant which hypothetically says in general, you leave them along and we'll make sure they leave you alone, which is why and emmisary of the Celesials had to step in to ask the dragons please dont wipe out all the races because of one tiny breach in the contract by the demi-gods and ruin our experiment. The Celestials obviously tried to fix the imbalance of the Ravaging Lord and his demi-god High Mortal croneys by imbuing 6 mortals with unimaginable powers, the WarWizards, who could stop the fallen gods from destroying their experiment.

    Bottom line is the Celestials are the worst planners of any superintelligent being ever; more like toddlers playing with a bowl of fish.  They may be able to crush the fish, but that don't make them smart.

    If the Celesials really are no smarter than anyone else in this universe, maybe it is the toddlers with a fishbowl.  What if Terminus is a simulated world and the Celestials are programmers trying to prove they can keep these constructed AI beings alive, but they have to keep cheating their own rules in order to sustain it.  Terminus is a Matrix...

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    January 5, 2020 6:35 PM PST



    I find the Lore equally as challenging to grasp. I have gone over and over Chris Kane's Audio Stream of Pantheon Lore on YouTube until I found one that explains it in parable form, the link is below.


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    February 8, 2021 8:42 AM PST

     benonal: I agree that teleportation of actual pieces of the homeworlds to Terminus is the most likely scenario, but I can't wrap my head around being from different dimensions. 

    There is a theory that allows the local fabric of space can be pulled into a bubble around an object. Originally conceived for FTL but could be used for slow moving objects too, effectively removing the contents from the universe. Terminus could be inside such a bubble cutting it off from the universe. The Emissary could be from the same universe, just with a knowledge way above anything the races on Terminus are likely to have for millennia; no need for other dimensions.

    I can't see the Dragons being able to say no to such a creature.



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