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Can there be a Dwarven racial epic quest?

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    February 7, 2017 6:20 PM PST

    This is an expansion of something I posted in a different thread, but I wanted it to have it's own topic.  I'm kind of afraid to do this because I keep getting in trouble with my posting, but my OCD says new topic.  So Kilsin, please don't be mad.

    While talking about different Dwarven racial aspects I was thinking about how cool it would be to have an epic quest that would be for Dwarves.  Specifically, an epic quest to build a new Dwarven home in a mountain.  We've all read the stories about Dwarves who tried to colonize new areas and succeeded or failed.  The bands of Orcs and Goblins, great beasts from the depths of the world, or Dragons who force the Dwarves out.  In all of these stories is the underlying concept of the Dwarves carving their home out of rock.

    I want to be one of those Dwarves building where once there was nothing. So I thought about how something like this could be built into the game.  I assume this would have to be coded in over time, it's not something we could see happening real time.  By that I mean if I had a quest to mine out an alcove as the start of a house I woudn't actually see the alcove take shape as I mine.  Instead I would finish the quest and at some point in the future the alcove would be patched into the game.  Perhaps to bridge the gap in time we could see NPCs in the area who use magic to help shape the rock.  A legion of rock priests and NPC miners who toil and work in support of the player quests.

    To start there is a cave in the mountain leading to a wider area.  The beginnings of a great Dwarven hall.  Emmisaries of the King tell us there is need to spread out the Dwarven race so future attacks can't see all wiped out in one campaign.  "Go forth young Dwarves, find us a new home!"

    We know a mountain is needed, but we don't know which mountain.  We don't know where the appropriate cave is located.  It may not even be in the game yet in fact.  What we do know is we need to look.  Explore.  Mine.  Search for the cradle of the new Dwarven home.  Eventually the cave is found and the quest updates.  The King sends scouts and a guard force to determine if this cave system will work.  The guard captain is authorized to give out quests so we have to explore the cave.  Mine. A lot of mining.  A small pile of ore begins to build up outside of the cave.  Quests for smiths to smelt the ore.  

    Eventually enough preparation work is done so that the cave has a path and rough hewn walls.  The central area is beginning to take shape and multiple tunnels are started but need massive mining work.  Priests, traders, craftsman, and families start to arrive.  Tents are erected inside the main hall and we start to see Dwarven pilgrims in their daily lives.  The next phase is a combination of mining and construction.  Massive columns are needed to support the expansion of the main hall.  Marble and gold are needed in massive quantities.  New piles begin to form inside the great hall.

    Next would be the construction multiple levels.  Stairs leading up, stairs going down.  Veins of ore and precious metals.  The construction of a great forge where Dwarven master smiths can create wonders.  Room for smaller forges for fine work or for beginners to learn the art of shaping metal.  

    At some point (maybe even the very start) the tunnels would lead to creatures to fight.  Cave spiders, goblins, rock worms, and wild golems all need to be fought and driven back.  More quests to encourage players to clear out the roots of their new home.

    As word spreads of the Dwarven endeavor new allies appear.  A band of Kobolds who live in the nearby foothills approach with offers of friendship.  The Kobolds help the Dwarves map and fight.  Some Dwarves are adopted into the Kobold tribe learning new abilities and skills.  

    Still the progress on the great hall continues.  A throne room is begun.  Defenses are being built.  Narrow paths that can easily be tumbled.  Gates, lookout points, and muder holes.  Seige machinery is built that can hurl massive arrows and rocks at intruders.  The ground outside is cleared and road construction begins.

    The quests increase in varity as more and more construction is begun.


    This quest could easily take two years to complete.  As more and more is done the skil requirements can increase for the finer work or for more difficult enemies.  The biggest problem would be spending time on creating changes to the scenery but since one Dwarven home is already constructed the basics could be reused with slight changes.  


    Anyway, just something I've been thinking about for two days and had to type out.  Please let me know if this isn't feasible and I'll stop thinking about it. 


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    February 7, 2017 7:38 PM PST

    I definitely like the idea of having racial epic quests, but I don't know if I would have them being about finding and/or building a new city.  I agree that the whole Erebor/Mithril Hall/Gauntlgrym thing is cool, but I don't know if I want to have every race in the game having quests for new cities, and it seems like the Dwarves have a pretty good citadel already.  Maybe they could be quests for relics that were lost right after a race arrived on Terminus...or for items that made the trip to Terminus without many people knowing.  However they do it, I like the idea of having more epic quests.  Epic quests for your class, epic quests for your race, epic quests for crafting...

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    February 8, 2017 5:50 AM PST

    I would assume each racial quest would be based on themes for that race.  Humans might expand their current city or build a series of castles and roads.  Dark Myr would probably try to bring back their goddess in some fashion.  Ogres construct a massive arena.  Gnomes fashion a new flying citadel.  Elves want to give birth to a new tree.

    There are a lot of ways to implement epic quests for the different races.  

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    February 8, 2017 4:47 PM PST

    I think it would be nice to have something like this as part of a world wide quest for all dwarves, as a racial example.  Perhaps some new expansion or content could be based on the population of dwarves completing certain quest lines.  Assuming  a large percentage of them complete the quest for a new home the content is released.  Otherwise, on a fail, it could be postponed and your'd see a half finished home in ruins until enough of the population participated for it to become available.

    Perhaps this gives the developers an option to see what percentage of the playing population would like to see certain things happen before development even begins.

    I think something like this could really bring players together as a stronger community rather than dwarf just being a cosmetic choice you made for your character.