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Are they evil or just angry?

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    April 4, 2017 11:42 AM PDT

    I see them as more rebellious against the Fate that was assigned to them.   Cataclysmic changes that they have to now live with.   I think I'd be pretty unhappy too,  but not necessarily evil.  And they lost two of their deities in the process. 

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    April 15, 2017 3:40 AM PDT

    Amsai said:

    Yea I have to decide if I want to avoid the extra effort and just be a good Bard. Or if I embrace evil. Or if I chose Myr but go through the effort to change alliances. Question is if I do that do I get blocked from the Dark Myr storyline? And if so would I want that?Because I kinda doubt faction wil let me play both sides heh.

    Maybe some classes are more accepted than others by a race?
    And by choosing certain classes in your alliance you won't be the popular one to begin with.
    Imagine bards to be somewhere in the neutral area there.As any bard has easy time winning over hearts <3
    Embracing evil might be more exciting too,as it requires that extra effort to prove everyone how wrong they've judged you .And you'd stand out by your dedication to switch alliance
    Will your home faction become hostile once you switch?And will it have an influence on the content available to you ,good question

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    April 15, 2017 7:36 AM PDT

    I kind of just assumed most of the faction standing would be based on race to start. I had not considered class to have that big of an impact starting out, but that could be the case. Afterall, I dont think ive really ever heard of unlikable Bards (unless you are a terrible performer lol). Maybe I could start my standup comedy career?

    Amsai: So a Dark Myr walks into Thronefast............ (drum roll)

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    April 15, 2017 8:09 AM PDT

    No guarantee PRotF bards will have a similar trick, but in Everquest Cinda's Charismatic Carillon would temporarily increase your faction with your target.  That made it easier to begin switching sides for bards as you could open up access to faction quests sooner than other classes.  We are charmers after all.

    Of course, as a loyal son of Thronefast, all you fish folk smell a bit to me.  Would love to harmonize soon, once we solve that kelp cologne problem...

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    April 15, 2017 8:26 AM PDT


    Sorry bout that.......I was going for briny not kelpy.


    Amsai: Dark Myr walks into a bar.

    Bartender: Why so blue?


    yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk

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    April 16, 2017 3:30 AM PDT

    Amsai said:

    Amsai: So a Dark Myr walks into Thronefast............ (drum roll)

    So a Dark Myr walks into Thronefast
    No longer did the human reign last

    Now the throne, fast a Dark Myr seat
    Ruled by a different tone,no longer greed

    Each day a change was felt
    And although humans told us we smelled,
    we granted freedom of speech
    And they resist us like the waves resist the beach

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    April 29, 2017 10:35 AM PDT

    Dark Myr sound so interesting to me. Definitely my favorite race in the game based on both their lore and looks. Depending on their stats, I'll probably play one. I'm just worried about not being able to enjoy the other areas of the game since I'm "evil."

    I think it'd be really cool to be one of the few Myr allowed into "good" cities, but I've never liked the aesthetic of "evil" cities in MMOs where they are generally more tribal and dirty than the "good" cities. I hope VR doesn't do that with too many classes.

    I'd also much rather be aligned with humans, elves, and halflings than skar or ogres, so it'll be hard for me to pull the trigger and go for it if aligning myself with the good guys will be too much of an issue. I'd want it to be a long and difficult journey, though, to make it more rewarding. I just don't want to miss out on a lot of experiences because I'm "evil." I never played EQ seriously so IDK how much of an issue alignment and factions will be.

    Lots of mixed emotions for me. I just really like this race.

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    April 30, 2017 9:50 PM PDT

    Enchanters in EQ played both sides equally well - with skill.  There was no city I could not enter.  I hope this goes the same route...

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    July 7, 2017 4:55 PM PDT

    I see the Myr as Jaded more than anything and plan on playing one as long as they do not have to carry tridents/pitchforks lol. Think of it... they were created to save their world when no one else could and they succeeded and afterwords harolded as saviors of their world. Only to be torn away from their beloved world and brought here to a toxic ocean. Then to see their beloved goddess slain by their own kind after sacrificing her immoratily and being unable to stop it... now stuck not only in a strange world but also in a strange unknow element and no longer being able to live in their beloved seas... yes I would be Jaded as well.

    Much has been talked about their underwater abilities but the way I read the lore they are now terrestrial beings with legs. They may have slightly better swimming skills but remember.. they no longer have a tail so to me swimming may be slightly better with legs but not much. It is said they only have 1 lung which may mean they are better at staying submerged longer but no where does it say anything about remnents of gills to hint at prolonged underwater existence. (these are just my takes and maybe I am completely wrong)

    For me the Myr give the greatest flexibility regarding thier personality traits. Although all races were uprooted from their homeworld and had to adapt to this strange land the Myr are the only race to be uprooted from their traditional element as well.

    I see them as a noble race created to protect and save their world so at heart they are guardians but this world is strange to them and the land and its occupants have done little to aid their struggle to survive. Yes the race as it stands now wants little to do with both the world and its races but I see a few among them realizing this is now their home and not willing to succomb to the hatred of others of their kind. They see this world as new and ready to explore and find its secrets... and maybe even find a worthy ally. But Gods forbid that anyone stand in their way... lest anyone forget... they slew the leviathans of old.

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    July 7, 2017 6:28 PM PDT

    @Aatu  If you look at the graphic on the races page for Dark Myr..and run your mouse over the legs/tail of the Dark Myr you'll see that it still indicates they have both...a tail and legs,  I am presuming that switches to legs if Dark Myr go on land.

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    July 7, 2017 8:15 PM PDT

    Ive seen that... When I did the first thing that came to mind was that that was their aquatic shape prior to the sacrifice of their goddess and that the legs are now their shape... Maybe I misinterpreted the lore...


    "leveraging the essence of her immortality to recreate the Myr anew, even giving them a lung by which to breath on land and legs with which to walk. In a brilliant moment of sacrifice, the miraculous exchange saved the Myr, transforming them forever."

    " The Nythirian Red disappeared into the sea, searching for the means to return to true Myr form."


    I took that as permanent...


    Hopefully when they are first introduced in a dev stream someone will jump in water with them :)


    If you are right it would be interesting to see what their true form was prior to the transformation...

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    October 10, 2017 11:22 AM PDT

    I have a different view on the Myr than most in this thread it seems.  My take is that they are definitely evil.  Though I guess "evil" is subjective and there are various levels of evil.

    Before I get into specifics, I believe that most of the given races/classes are very similar to EQ.  The myr are our Dark Elves.

    From the lore:

    I have heard the name Dread Myr used as well. I can only attest to the sounds of their savagery,

    The agony of losing Syronai poisoned the Myr hearts as had the deadly oceans, sorrow twisting into bitterness, then hate, until darkness consumed them.

    As far as the lore goes, if that last sentence quoted above doesn't lend to them being evil I'm not sure what does. 

    The myr are one of 4 races that can be Dire lords on release.  Those 4 being Myr, Human, Skar, Ogre.  Human are able to be any class.  3 evil races are thus Myr, Ogre and Skar.  That seems fairly obvious in my humble opinion.

    The argument as far as available classes is that Myr can also be Clerics and Druids.  I don't feel this is a deal breaker as they can simply worship evil gods.  The druid gets into that grey area of possibly being nuetral evil.  I think the devs are trying to expand on the druids availability by making it playable by races such as Myr and Ogre.  They, obviously, are not going off of the more standardized "D&D definition" of a druid.

    There are multiple posts in the above thread that seem to say the Myr are just angry but not evil.  I disagree.  Maybe someone can point out discrepancies in my assessment?

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    October 14, 2017 5:56 PM PDT

    I really hope they are evil.  Anyone can become angry, it takes a special race to be EVIL.  I have almost always exclusively played evil races.  And i am definitely leaning towards the Dark Myr

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    November 10, 2017 7:09 PM PST

    Evil is not as subjectvie as some would like to believe.  Evil and Good are indeed opposites and both have a vision of how the world should be.  But that is all.  Evil knows it is not Good as well as Good knows it is not Evil.  They are only subjective in the absence of the other.

    In the case of the Dark Myr, they are indeed an evil culture.  Even though they previously could have be considered good before the events that brought them to Terminous and the termoil they endured.  The Dark Myr lack compasion for others to such an extent they consider all other races beneath them.  Perhaps it is because they view their circumstance as a greater burden than that of the other races.  In some ways, they are justified in that assessment.  However, they don't consider how each race was torn from their own worlds with no possibility to return.  They all share a deep sorrow for something lost.  But some races chose to accept their curcumstance and make the best with those who share their anguish while others do not.  None of the other races are responsible for what happened to the Dark Myr yet the Dark Mry dispise them because they must walk on the same land.

    I feel like the Dark Mry shouldn't share a common faction with the Skar or the Ogres.  They just don't seem like they could be trusted as allies or even as nutrals with their xenophobic attitude.  Perhaps the same could be said of the Skar.  But that is one of the problems with evil allignement.  Nothing can be clear in a relationship with them.  Ultimately, they have no loyalty to anyone but themselves.  A distinction that always lends to the ideal of 'good always prevails' because those of good allignment will always have at least a minimum of trust between them.

    Given the lore of the game I am not so sure the Ogres can be considered truely evil.  They seem less zenophobic than the Dark Mry and Skar.  Their culture seems more reactive in nature than just blind hatred for others.  They simply value strength and probably respect it wherever they encounter it.