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Who's done it best thus far?

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    May 15, 2018 9:55 PM PDT

    EverQuest Ranger was my life for 10 years, so I love it.  Vanguard had a pretty awesome Ranger too though. Vanguard Rangers could just put out some insane DPS and I loved the combos and chains combat systems.  

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    May 15, 2018 11:42 PM PDT

    I know rangers in EQ had a pretty bad reputation of beeing useless, but looking backwards I realize I should really have picked ranger as my main class instead of a rogue. The rogue was quite fun, but it's over dependancy of others and gear made it a hard call for a beginner in MMO's, and I think I would have had as much success in groups with a ranger than I had with my rogue, as people were more genuine about what they needed (Need a dps ? take a DPS avaliable whatever class it was). More tools, more versatility and not feeling weak and useless while alone.


    Now I also see I personally never played a game where the ranger was as complete and versatile as it was, most games took the easy road of making it "a Legolas of some sort" with continuous arrow shootings with a few melee moves, usually to disengage or cripple your foe before running at safe distance. I allways thought the archer box was a redux of the ranger role, and I wouldn't mind pantheon adding a real, pure and specialized class with ranged weapons, but I also realize it's hard to find a worthy concept outside of filling the ranger role with it, as archers aren't really filling as a whole class by themselves.

    The same way, many games fullfill the ranger class with a pet, as it became over the years in D&D, an innate feat of the class : animal companion. I do not share the need of making the ranger befriending a long term relationship with an animal, but more on the temporary side from battle to battle.

    My final answer would be : If I knew how much fun it was, I would have played a ranger in EQ from start instead of trying 4 different classes in my first weeks before setting on one that had little to no tools outside of stealth. Then EQ is the one I now see as the best iteration, yet maybe poorly balanced at it's time.