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    November 3, 2016 11:56 AM PDT

    for the story teller and role players.  Does your Crusader have an Origin story??

    The legendary Crusader Kalgore grew up in a small isolated village on the frontier of a wild and untamed land.  As a child Kalgore always tried to stick up for the smaller kids in the village who were bullied as he believed that the weak always deserved to be helped.  One day a man covered in blood with wounds all over stumbled into the village.  The other villagers ignored the man as they were distrustful of strangers.  Young Kalgore refused to let this poor man die and pleaded with his parents to help save his life.  Finally agreeing they dragged the man into their hut.  Kalgore and his parents started stripping off the strangers armor so they could wash his wounds.  Days went by as the man fought off infection and his wounds.  Weeks passed before the stranger had the strength to speak.  His first words were to young Kalgore thanking him for helping him.  He tells him how he remembers a young voice yelling and pleading to help.

    As the man grew healthy he explained more.  His name was Je’terrel and he was a crusader.  He had no mission other then to help the weak and defend good people from the evil that tried to cause them harm.  He talked about some of his adventures and battles.  One night he explained exactly what a crusader was as the stories have been twisted with time.  He explained how a Crusader was more than a holy Paladin .  A crusader was a defender of the innocent and warrior for the goodly folk through the realm.  The crusaders order helped rid the land of pure evil but they always would die to defend a Orc whose only crime was being an Orc they believed that anyone could be good just like anyone could be evil and ones heritage and race shouldn’t cast it into the pool.  They depended on the actions to pass judgement.  He explained how one day he could be hunting a Lich and the next escorting a band of traders through bandit infested country. Young Kalgore hung on every word the crusader spoke.  After he explained his Order and mission Je’Terrel looked over and Kalgore and his parents and explained how their son was destined to join the Crusaders.  His very nature and how he acted defined what he would be long ago.  Kalgores parents at first were against it but knew that they would not be able to hold Kalgore back from this offer.  So the next morning Kalgore followed Je’Terrel and started his life in the Brotherhood of Crusaders. 

                Years passed while Kalgore mastered the crusaders weapons and magic.  He was naturally adapt at fighting with a sword and shield as well the crusaders magic.  Before long Kalgore found himself an equal with Je’Terrel, they roamed the land fighting alongside peaceful gnomes, or battling again horrid trolls.  They even defeated a mighty red dragon.  The duo was a force that few could overwhelm the teamwork and devotion to each other overcame all that came against them.  Alas they heard the story of a Lich King of vast power. An evil so old the very land around his domain refused to grow.  Travelling to rid the land of this vast evil they entered the castle of the Lich King and quickly found themselves in trouble.  Battling hordes of undead as well as other creatures of nightmare they slowly advanced deeper into the castle.  Facing many wounds and exhaustion as they stumble into the throne room they look up and see the Lich king Vast and horrible a feeling of dread is cast upon the mighty warriors but neither flee.  Standing up and calling upon reserves of power neither thought they had they met the evil standing upright and ready to fight.  The battle was long and terrible magics of good and evil flung around the throne room.  But in the end the Lich a being thousands of years old gained the upper hand.  Je’terrel slipped and the Lich king struck.  Thrusting is evil sword into the neck of the crusader laughing as the blade hissed and steamed he slowly turned towards Kalgore.  Kalgore rushed the Lich with all his might but couldn’t get past the undead creatures defense but he refused to yield.  As time went by it seemed Kalgore gained in power and strength.  I mere mortal should have collapsed long ago but Kalgore kept up his swings stronger his magic more powerful.  Slowly Kalgore gained the upper hand as and forced the Lich to his knees. Raining blow upon blow against the Lich, Kalgore managed to strike a blow shattering the sword he felt his sword crush the skeleton frame of the Lich king.  His rage unyielding he struck again and again each strike harder than the one before each time his sword touch bones the Lich let out an unearthly Scream until finally he managed to strike the withered heart.  The evil contained in that withered artifact exploded as it sought release throwing Kalgore across the throne room.  Hours passed before the Crusader regained conscience.  He staged over to a pile of dust all that remind of a foul evil that plagued the region for thousands of years.  By the pile of dust he noticed his sword for the first time.  Fused together with the fragments of the evil weapon used by the Lich king the weapon pulsed with a life of its own.  As he lifted the weapon he could feel a power flow through him, strength not unlike what the felt when wielding his magic’s.  But he could also feel a dark evil hidden a taint that threatened to overwhelm the wielder of the sword but somehow Kalgore knew as long as he maintained his oath to the crusaders that the darkness will never win he knew that his sword Faithkeeper was a weapon of power.  An artifact bestowed upon by the gods for the rare few that have earned it.  He also knew the strength and power that allowed him to win had to be bestowed upon him by a being of celestial power but had no idea who he could thank as he followed no one god but all gods of the goodly people.

    Kalgore followed his is Mentors footsteps assisting good and destroying evil when possible.  He never forgot that not act of good was to small and no evil was too big to be challenged.  Even today you will find Kalgore helping villagers fend off bandits one day only to find him searching out an undead king tomorrow.

    I instructed my Tag along bard to write a quick rundown.  He is busy writing a more indepth book The Chronicles of Kalgore: Crusader of the realms.  Which explains how Kalgore came from another realm and his battle for justice in Terminus.


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    January 14, 2017 8:48 AM PST

    Not sure how this got by me, but nice one, Kalgore, the Keeper of Faith. Cant wait to read more of your chronicles!

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    January 23, 2017 3:09 PM PST

    Larr said:

    Not sure how this got by me, but nice one, Kalgore, the Keeper of Faith. Cant wait to read more of your chronicles!


    Thank you

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    February 21, 2017 12:53 PM PST

    Today I tell the tale of how Kalgore the Mighty Paladin, Slayer of the Dreaded Lich King, the bane of Red Dragons across the realms.  Keeper of the celestial sword Faithkeeper acquired his mythical shield a mighty defensive item that allowed Kalgore to withstand hits that might fell a lesser man.

                    Our story starts on an amazing Spring day Kalgore had been resting at a gnomish village after weeks of patrolling a small highway after reports of Bandits, Trolls and orcs.  Having dispatched more than his fair share he sought out the village to rest gather supplies and tend to his battle wounds.   Now most travelers would have avoided a gnomish village as they are mostly known as rogues and thieves.  But this band were inventors and scholars.  Kalgore was delighted to see all the crazy inventions that came from the gnomes.  Kalgore spent several weeks with the gnomes defending the surrounding areas from any evil that might hurt his new friends as well as discussing various theories.  Over those weeks Kalgore also listened to his gnome friends regarding stories of evil beings and other tales used to scare children.  But like most stories a hint of truth is behind them.  Talking more with the older members of village.  They began to tell him of the story of an Evil witch that used her powers to control a few local tribes of goblins and even had several mountain giants at her command.  She had used the goblins and giants to raid the towns in the area carrying off kids and using them for her dark evil magic.  Upon hearing this Kalgore reflects upon his last stop and the reward for finding 2 local missing children that disappeared in the middle of the night.  Never one to assume he immediately tells the elders that he must leave.  Packing his gear, he departs that very night for the town to seek more information about the missing kids.  He travels all night and part of the day until he reaches the town.  Immediately he begins asking his question and finds out more details.  Turns out kids have been disappearing for decades only 1 or 2 a year but he also heard stories of other towns reporting the same thing.

                    Armed with this knowledge Kalgore decides to investigate the missing children.  When the kids first disappeared the town sent out a hunting party so Kalgore decided to hire the same tracker.  The tracker agreed to help Kalgore for a share of any treasure he might find.  The next morning Kalgore and the tracker depart following the same path the townsfolk did weeks before.  Following him closely the tracker takes Kalgore deep into the forest.  The tracker explains how they followed what appear to be track of goblins for over a week before the party had to turn around.  Determined to follow the trail to the end they follow what’s left of a trail for weeks.  Each day brought slightly better signs of the raiding party.  Late one night Kalgore sees what looks like a campfire in the distance.  Ordering the tracker to stay he advances to the camp.  While Kalgore wore mighty armor he could sneak and stalk better than most halfings. As he slowly creeps up to the camp he discovers a large band of goblins.  Looking around he counts out 25 goblins and 2 orcs.  He thinks about his plan of attack when suddenly he sees it.  1 lone child unconscious but alive.  While the urge to slaughter every one of these evil creatures deep down Kalgore knows he must allow them to live so he can find out what’s going on.  Withdrawing he informs the tracker of his plans.  They will track this band to their destination.  Several days pass while tracking the band.  Having left the forest the day before they move slowly drawing ever closer to a small mountain range.  At the end of the 5th day of tracking they follow them to a cave.  Being nighttime Kalgore decided to wait until morning to plan his next move.  Later that night the same tribe of goblins exited the cave but this time without the child.  Torn Kalgore wanted to slaughter every last member of the tribe.  But he also knew that something evil would happen to the child.  Kalgore decided to first kill the tribe for two reasons first he will be taking out potential reinforcements.  He also knew that the tribe could be on the way to gather more children.  Stalking them until they made camp just before dawn Kalgore decides his best action.  25 goblins and 2 orcs could spell trouble for anyone. Refusing to act like a dirty sneaking Assassin Kalgore settles on a middle ground.  Once most of the goblins fell asleep Kalgore gets up and walks (loudly) to the first sleeping goblin.  Drawing his sword faith-keeper he impales the first Goblin strolling along he kills 8 more goblins before the alarm is sounded.  As goblins start running to and fro Kalgore begins casting a Paladin ward to help absorb some of the damage.  The first few goblin charge Kalgore deflects the first sword thrust his shield and whips his sword to parry a second.  Quickly disengaging Faith-keeper slashes through the armor of the third goblin.  Using his momentum, he thrusts center mass into the first goblin.  Deflecting an arrow with his shield he quickly notices 5 more goblins have joined in the fight. All in front of him Kalgore smiles and yells to the good gods that watch over casting a blinding light of holy power all 6 goblins are blinded for but a few seconds.  But those few second are all Kalgore needed.  Quickly darting in he kills the first 3 goblins before they regain their sight.  Shield bashing another into a rock he parries another goblin thrust and counters by kicking him in the knee and slashing his throat when suddenly he feels a slashing across his back.  A crude sword wielded by a worthless goblin his ward absorbed most of the blow.  Another shield bash crushes the skull of the goblin, Kalgore dispatches the few remaining goblins with ease.  Looking up he sees the two Ogre slowly walk to the center of the camp both wielding what looks like small trees as clubs.  Kalgore refreshes his ward and cast a few other holy powers of strength.  Both ogres rush the lone Paladin at once.  Kalgore waits until the club starts to swing when he roles beneath the feet of the ogres and slashes up scoring a heavy hit in the stomach of the first.  Quickly to his feet Kalgore turns just in time to deflect a blow from the second but in the time it took to regain his sense another club swings in and smashes him in the ribs and sends him flying.  Slowly raising Kalgore winces at the hurt but doesn’t allow him to slow it down.  He charges the injured ogre taking the first blow on his shield he slashes out scoring a deep cut on tree wielding hand of the first ogre.  Refusing to stop Kalgore shield slams the Ogre twice and then slashes across the throat of the beast.  Quickly turning to block the second ogre he laughs in relief as he sees 2 arrows protruding from both its eyes.  Looking around he smiles as he sees the tracker with his longbow in hand.  While Kalgore rests the tracker loots the bodies finding a small amount of treasure. Several hours go by before the mighty paladin raises from the ground.  Healed and fully armed he tells the tracker to secure camp and stay until the morning.  Slowly he treads into the cave system.  While a normal man would quickly be lost in the true darkness of the cave system Kalgore was able to see easily thanks to a special toy built by his gnomish friends.  Easily navigating the path, he explores over an hour going deeper and deeper underground in search for more goblins or the far greater evil he knows inhabits the cave.  Another hour passes before he stumbles upon a large cavern.  Lit with a green glow Kalgore can feel the evil on his skin.  Quietly moving to explore the cavern he quickly see’s the cause of the missing children.  A necromancer standing in the middle of a cave in front of a large fire.  He see’s bones of the missing children scattered all over the cave as well as 3 child locked in a cage waiting to be sacrificed for whatever evil the necromancer has in store.

                    Kalgore memorizes the area and slightly calls upon what holy magic he can sighing because casting his ward while be too loud.  He quietly moves closer hoping to sneak up to the necromancer and quickly end the fight but when Kalgore was only a dozen steps away he hears the raspy voice commanding him to halt.  The necromancer turns and reveals a youthful face and instantly Kalgore realizes he was stealing the life-force of the children to stay as young as he could.  Unsheathing The mighty blade Faithkeeper Kalgore looks at this evil and immediately casts a holy missile which is deflected by the necromancer.  Calling upon his evil he begins summoning his undead army even animating several child size skeletons.  Kalgore whips around frantically dispatching the evil creatures.  While Faithkeeper is capable of slicing even the toughest armor it is a poor bludgeon which limits his ability to deal with his skeleton foes.  Dispatching as many as he can with blade and shield he waits until more skeletons are animated.  Calling upon an ancient power Kalgore summons some of his mightiest magic’s.  A spell designed to cleans an entire area and allow the departed final piece.  The wave of magic extends out from Kalgore has he purifies the bones of countless victims so they can enjoy piece one more.  The spell is not without its drawback and siphoned a large part of his strength.  With shear will he slowly advances upon the necromancer.  Spell after spell is cast toward the mighty Paladin which time his shield blocks the attack.  Magic missiles, fireballs, lighting the shield withstands all the abuse thrown.  Just feet away the necromancer channels everything he has into a missile of pure evil energy.  Kalgore catches it on his shield but it finally fails shattering the blow throws Kalgore hard against a nearby wall.  Dazed he slowly stands as the necromancer launches another barrage of missiles each one stinging as it hits the paladin.  Summoning more magic he shoots a massive lighting bot the paladins way.  At the last second Kalgore tosses Faithkeeper in the path the mighty sword blocking the magic with ease.  Lacking any spells of healing Kalgore slowly limps to the necromancer blocking wave upon wave of magic bolt.  As he nears close Faithkeeper slashes out and scores a deep cut across the chest of this evil being bringing his sword back he slices again this time slicing off several fingers of the necromancer’s hand.  Shreiking he back paddles but with no place to go he feels Faithkeeper enter his stomach the sword easily impaling the man.  Kalgore stands and after several seconds slowly walks to the cage and begins to release the child still alive.  As Kalgore ushers the children out he hears a deathly shriek.  Turning he sees what should have been a dead necromancer holding the stomach wound he begins chanting.  Kalgore rushes sword out to finish it before he can use whatever magic he is planning.  Before Kalgore closes the distance he sees the wounds healing themselves and can feel the power growing around the man that should be dead.  The necromancer launches a ball of magic before the mighty Paladin closes the distance slamming into the mighty Paladin but his rage shields him from the pain as closes the rest of the distance and he swings down as hard as he can his sword slicing throw bone as easily as if it was paper.  This time there would be no healing as the body slides into two pieces.  Turning Kalgore yells out in despair the magic that the necromancer was chanting was to siphon the life force of the children.  Where 3 child used to be only one was left alive Weeping Kalgore walks over to the child and lefts her up.  But before taking two steps a glint catches his eye.  He walks over to the back of the cave and discovers a large amount of gold and jewels from all the victims.  Glancing over the pile his eyes set on the body of a warrior sword and shield still clutched in its bony hands.  Reaching out Kalgore lifts the shield up.  Shocked because as he lifts it the shield has almost no weight but seemed as sturdy as the best made shield lifting it around he realizes the shield must have a mighty enchantment to reduce the weight.  Slamming Faithkeeper against the shield he is shocked that his mighty sword leaves not a scratch.  Bending down Kalgore takes several gems and a few gold coins, The Paladin doesn’t care for riches and only takes enough to buy supplies and passage to his next adventure.  Kalgore quickly exits the cave and makes his way to the tracker who has just started cooking a dinner.  As Kalgore explains what happened he instructs the tracker to take as much gold and gems as needed but he wishes his share to go the affected families.

                    Kalgore escorts the tracker and little girl back to the village and taking a few days to rest Kalgore inspects his newest treasure and wonders what other powers the shield may have.  Deep down he knows the shields name.  Joining the celestial sword Faithkeeper will be the mighty shield Enforcer.

    Written by Dagneg the bard loyal and trusted companion to

    Kalgore Paladin of the realms,


    Dragons Bane,

    protector of goodly folk,

    wielder of the mighty sword Faithkeeper.

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    I hope you registered for the Summerwood's site for Pantheon Roleplayers. They'd definitely appreciate this post being there! :)

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    Verdic said:

    I hope you registered for the Summerwood's site for Pantheon Roleplayers. They'd definitely appreciate this post being there! :)

    No Idea what that is haha

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    February 22, 2017 1:15 PM PST

    Cool story. Wish I could find my old background story.

    I was even honored to have a guildmate write an entire novel, and bestowed my character a pivotal role in the story.

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