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Pet Growth vs foes

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    August 10, 2016 1:07 PM PDT

    As a pet gains xp again a class of foe (orc, human, dragon etc), they could develop xp, skills, etc that would unlock extra moves, dps, defence etc when fighting that class of foe.  First time fighting an hydra you would suck as you cut off the head to see 2 x heads grow back, the 10th time you fight them I bet you are using blunt weapons as you have learned, the same concept for pets developing how to attack certain mobs and better their performance against them.  

    You could extend this and allow the training to be done in an arena where they go against specific mobs and you direct their moves to help them, a nice time sink / time filler activity when you are waiting for your group to log on.  Optiosn for the arena would be a betting system and leaderboards could be published and we all know that the minute you offer someone to be ranked in anything in one of these games you will get a crowd supporting it.

    A thought.....


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    August 25, 2016 4:07 PM PDT
    In EQ2 we could get a Mastery spell against certain had to kill so many of them and collects bits to end up with a scaling nuke that was only against that race and had a decent cool down, like 2 mins iirc.

    I'd like to see that for both PC's and for pets...
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    August 27, 2016 9:23 AM PDT

    In EQ 1 your pet did level with you when you bought the spell for your current lvl. The mage/Summoner always could outfit their pets with armor and weapons so this helped them statically. There were mage spells later at higher levels that gave your pet a major damage absorption buffs. I think with pantheon they want to keep it simple and not to overpowering and the pet classes balanced along with the group interdependency requirements.

    Air pets in EQ 1 had stun, Fire pets had a fire damage shield, Water pets back stabbed mobs when placed behind the mob. Earth pets would root the mob in place. So they had some abilities along with the armor and weapons you could give them. I would like to see this same concept visited in pantheon.

    It is a neat idea you have.

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    November 6, 2016 8:12 PM PST

    A very, very low level Summoner summons his or her first will that pet come out? Small, unable to function correctly because the summoner couldn't make the body of the pet good enough, and perhaps too childish and dumb due to actually being an infant. It's hard to believe that the pet could even follow commands or have any powers other than being a piece of hard dirt or a living lava lamp (I think fire elementals should be torches btw). With the level of the spell and the player's conjuration ability the pet is summoned more properly, is bigger, stronger, and has new abilities.

    That's outside of the pet learning how to fight different enemies. This assumes that the same water pet you summoned when you were level 1 is the exact same pet that is now a lv. 50 living tidal wave. I don't want to be too realistic, but perhaps the least one can do with a pet is to give it a type of "scanning" ability that tells the player how the pet feels about the mob (this dragon will resist my spells/I want to fight this ice giant). Maybe the pet actually knows a bit about each zone it is in depending on its level and the type of'd be rather funny to see people hail my water pet and have NPC conversations with it while on a ship in the ocean, but anyways...

    I don't really know a good way to make the pet "skill up" by fighting certain mobs, and it seems rather complex to put in. More than likely it's better to have a pet that actually functions better and capable of doing more things by the skill (and level) of the player. Giving armor and weapons to it worked great in EQ1...and it worked even better when pets could stay alive after zoning.

    I guess the summoner just needs to summon the right type of pet for the area he or she's in.