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Harm Touch

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    April 13, 2018 6:11 PM PDT

    Umbra said:

    The other way to look at a DL is that they're not a hybrid, but rather a tank (along with warrior and Pally). All three classes should be capable of tanking bosses/raid content - they just all do it in different ways. A warrior will use his skill at arms to smooth out incoming damage and thus be able to tank longer without too much effort. They will likely have other advantages (such as party shouts to increase speed etc) to bring to the party. A DL, while not quite as effective at smoothing out damage, will use her spells to debuff mobs and lifetap to heal and thus be able to tank just as effectively as a warrior, albeit in a different way. A Paladin, like the DL, will not be as effective at smoothing out incoming damage as a warrior, but will use their party buffs and healing spells to mitigate that damage and reach the tanking effectivenress of the warrior.

    All tanks. All different. All effective.

    This is what I was envisioning when Chris Perkins was speaking on the matter with Bazgrim. I really think this would benefit the tanks as a whole because instead of looking for the 'best tank' (warrior for example), the conversation would become, "which tank's abilities would synergize best with the other classes in the group."

    Regarding Harm Touch. It was interesting in EQ and seemed to have difficulty finding it's place so I hope I'm confident that VR will bring a new twist to it. I was thinking that the Dire Lord's "Harm Touch" would be something you could activate and charge up with other blood-letting skills during a short period. The duration of the cooldown could depend on how long you charged it and also tie into a ratio of the damage done. This could help lend some flexibility to the skill, keep it from being on a simple spam-rotation, and also allow it to be charged up for the more formidable mobs. The more damage you're willing to juice it for, the more of a cooldown penalty you'll have to pay.