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Another tradeskill idea

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    April 20, 2016 12:46 PM PDT

    In MMORPGs we have tradeskills that typically support the players such as arms and armor making, bonus jewelry, etc.   

    It might be fun to have a tradeskill for making instruments.  You could have to go out and gather wood bits and craft wood parts.  You could have recipes for making the component parts like gathering ore and making metal parts, then assembling them etc.  For example a recipe might  be:


    Fancy Lute (+a, +b, +c)

    - Lute sound board
      - instrument wood board
        - excellent wood X2 (foraged)
        - shell inlay
          - deep blue oyster sheel X4 (farmed)
    - Lute body
      - instrument wood board X2
        - excellent wood X2 (foraged)
    - Lute Neck
      - instrument wood board
        - excellent wood (foraged)
    - Lute strings
      - fine steel
        - iron ore (mined)
      - bronze
        - copper ore (mined)
        - zinc ore (mined)



    And you could expland this for making a drum and including animal skins or flutes/horns/etc.


    And this could be a really interesting tradeskill for a bard to do as well.



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    April 20, 2016 1:23 PM PDT

    I like the idea.  I think there is a lot of room to come up with ideas, since all we know is there will be tradeskilling, and not much else.  This might fall in the realm of woodworkers, or however they term the woodworking profession.  I've thought they should consider farmers and ranchers also as professions.  Farmers would grow crops for the culinary profession as could ranchers.  Ranchers could raise meat as well as livestock for mounts.  Lot's of possibilities...

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    April 20, 2016 1:45 PM PDT

    LOTRO had a very cool mechanic instrumental mechanic to the game. One could wander through Bree town and stumble upon a group of players holding a concert for the masses. I believe it's a hugely untapped part of MMO's.

    I really like this idea, Fazool. Us nerds are such a diverse group of people. I find it fascinating what we can do with the tools given to us. The more tools the better.


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    April 20, 2016 2:45 PM PDT

    Would be nice! :)

    (you chose a hard one though, as musical instruments entail actually playing music, lol..)

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    April 20, 2016 10:13 PM PDT

    Tralyan said:

    LOTRO had a very cool mechanic instrumental mechanic to the game.


    LOTRO uses ABC Notation System. Something like this would be very nice. This system will also be used in Shroud of the Avatar.

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    June 1, 2016 11:21 AM PDT

    I would LOVE this since I main a bard any chance I get. And for some reason, as big as a role instruments have played in EQ and VG, they have never been craftable (iirc). Whether or not a crafted instrument actually has to play music is one thing, but with these games instruments haven't really needed to play actual music. They could either be for decoration or to modify the bard's songs.