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Some wizard spells...

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    March 13, 2016 12:15 PM PDT

    ...taken from the video (March 2016)! Obviously these are pre-pre-alpha, so not set in stone at all, but I still found them interesting.


    Lvl 1:

    (single target, direct damage), 10-13 fire damage

    (single target, direct damage), 6-8 frost damage


    Lvl 4:

    Ethereal Cords
    (single target), root, 30sec duration

    Prism Burst
    (single target, direct damage), 27-33 magic damage

    Ember Shock
    (single target, direct damage), 18-23 fire damage

    Gate Novice
    gate spell, 75% chance of failure

    Lvl 6

    Frozen Spike
    (single target, direct damage, projectile), 36-52 cold damage

    Fiery Spike
    (single target, direct damage, projectile), 36-52 fire damage


    Lvl ???:

    Sight of Sages
    (single target), see invisible


    Some remarks:

    - Is there really a difference between cold and frost damage? (I think we saw a glimpse of the resists in the stats page, gonna have to check again)

    - A gate spell with 75% failure chance? Ouch. Don't want to rely on that in a bad situation :)

    - The root spell will probably be very very useful for crowd control!

    - Some spells appear to have cooldowns/re-use timers, but these are also not shown in the spellbook (might determine them from the log messages)

    - The spells appear both on the right side of the screen and the hotbar (this might be a setting). I found it strange that some spells appeared twice in both bars.

    - There appears to be no global cool down.

    - Colored mana: In an area you can have a "mana climate" for mana of a certain color. If you're wearing a relic for mana of that color, it will begin gathering mana. If spells are attuned to mana of that color, they may gain bonuses or proc chances (nothing shown about that in the spell book...yet?)

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    March 14, 2016 8:07 PM PDT

    Being that wizard has been my longest standing class and favorite,   will we have snare?  Similar to Atol's Spectral Shackles in Everquest?    And roots that work,  and invisibility that works.   (hehehe)  I remember the good old days travelling through dangerous lands and invisibility going poof, with no warning.   If it is going to be unreliable for some reason,  can we have a timer countdown so that we can get to a safe place to reapply?  :D    Just a small suggestion.  :)    By the way was watching the livestream yesterday and couldn't help yelling at the screen...snare them, root them nuke them!!  hehehe

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    October 20, 2016 4:23 PM PDT

    I'm kind of hoping my wizard can specialize in certain elements to become more powerful in those types of spells.

    I love water/ice magic for a slowing and freezing effect like:


    Icy Touch: a close range spell that slows a single enemy

    Ice Arrow: an arrow that has great range and slows 1 enemy, with a small chance to freeze the target.

    Ice Ball: blasts an enemy or group of enemies with an icy ball, slowing enemies in it's path.

    Ice Storm: a strong storm of icy shards that slows and freezes in an area of effect.


    Ah plenty more options...but these would be great for my DPS wizard :)