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    April 23, 2018 1:54 PM PDT

    Sogotp said:

    just a quick brainstorming session here.. Fistwraps, knuckles, claws, One hand Blunt, Staves/Two hand blunt, sickle/scythe, Chains, Long spear, Dartguns, Bows& Arrows, throwing weapons, and short/broad swords.  That is about the extent of the weapons that a Monk would use.

    all this.... not sure about the short/ broad sword..... Instead of that id like SAI weapons... 


    Parts of the sai

    • Monouchi, the shaft of the sai, this can be round or faceted.
    • Yoku, the prong like side guards which are usually symmetrical but the manji design developed by Taira Shinken employs oppositely-facing yoku resembling the swastika (manji) from which it takes its name.
    • Tsume, the tip of the side guard (yoku).
    • Moto, the actual center point between the two side guards.
    • Tsuka, the handle of the sai. The tsuka can be wrapped with different materials such as cord or ray skin (same) to provide a grip.
    • Tsukagashira, the butt end of the handle (tsuka).
    • Saki, the tip or point of the sai which is usually blunt and not pointed.[3]


    Manji design sai

    The sai is typically used in pairs, with one in each hand.[1] Five kata are commonly taught, including two kihon kata. The style includes a variety of blocks, parries, strikes, and captures against attackers from all directions and height levels. Use of the point, knuckle and central bar is emphasized, as well as rapid grip changes for multiple strikes and blocks.

    The utility of the sai as a weapon is reflected in its distinctive shape. It is primarily used as a striking weapon for short jabs into the solar plexus but it also has many defensive techniques.

    There are several different ways of wielding the sai, which give it the versatility to be used both lethally and non-lethally. One way to hold it is by gripping the handle with all of the fingers and pinching the thumb against the joint between the handle bar and the shaft. This allows one to manipulate the sai so that it can be pressed against the forearm and also help avoid getting the thumb caught in the handle when blocking an attack. The change is made by putting pressure on the thumbs and rotating the sai around until it is facing backwards and the index finger is aligned with the handle.

    The knuckle end is good for concentrating the force of a punch, while the long shaft can be wielded to thrust at enemies, to serve as a protection for a blow to the forearm, or to stab as one would use a common dagger. In practice, some prefer to keep the index finger extended in alignment with the center shaft regardless of whether the knuckle end or the middle prong is exposed. The finger may be straight or slightly curled. Used in this way, the other fingers are kept on the main shaft, with the thumb supporting the handle.

    The grips described above leverage the versatility of this implement as both an offensive and a defensive weapon. Both grips facilitate flipping between the point and the knuckle being exposed while the sai is held in strong grip positions.

    Because the Japanese do not use plural, sai remains sai when referring to more than one. Nicho sai refers to a kata that uses two sai, while sancho sai kata refers to kata using three sai.



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    April 23, 2018 2:14 PM PDT

    Caine said:

    Deer Horns should be 2nd weapon set after fists for the Monk  These weapons are awesome and are traditional Monk weapons.  monks can clinb wall with them. The animations would be awesome as well.



    One Bagua deer horn form.


    me likey.... =)

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    April 24, 2018 11:56 AM PDT

    Anyone watch the slow motion guys and the shaolin monk throwing the needle through the glass. A rock or needle could be a dangerous weapon. Rocks are free/unlimited. Needles are small/can carry alot/used to mend clothes/stitch wounds. The lore makes sense why a monk would have stones or needles at all times.

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    May 4, 2018 6:30 AM PDT

    If you want to see what a monk should be (and some AWESOME action), this is it:


    What drives me nuts about monk is the idea that it has to be "Asian" in theme. Really, it should just be the mastery of the body and soul. Ideally, with NO weapons whatsoever. If you've read the Drizzt series, I think it's done best there. The monk masters his body so that his fists become hard as stone or soft as water, as he see's fit. He's able to control his body to the point that if he's bitten by a snake, he can contract his muscles correctly to pump the venom back out.

    His body is perfected so that he can keep up with people who are mounted for just as long as they can ride.

    It's easy to fall into "monk = Asian" but I believe that pigeon hole's the class into one particular style.

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    October 3, 2020 1:04 AM PDT

    As a monk for like 10 years as secondary, I would really like to see more weapons than just fist weapons. Two biggest issues with that for me is one, that would make every monk similar and two, limit the ways in which your dps looks. For instance, some people liked moss covered twigg damage type, spamming small numbers, and some people liked to hit far less often for crippling damage, similar dps yet adds irreplaceable flavor to the class .... I would be sad to see flavor go. 

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    October 3, 2020 5:32 AM PDT

    As a long time Monk main, I too would like to see Monks have a choice of Fists, 1 HB, 2 HB and Martial type weaponry.   

    I think that approach makes it harder for the devs though.   

    I'd love to see a monk duel weild 1 HB staves (think Stave of Shielding, Cane of Harmony,Essence of Dol) or the much smaller Fighting Batons like a pair of Batons of Royal Stature, or 2HB like a Tranquil Staff, Velium Brawl Stick, or Peacebringer.   For martial you have Claws,Katars etc.  AND I'd want bare-fists-only to be very viable,or even the (slightly) most desired method.  Again this balance between so many weapon types must make things very hard for the devs even with the disparate animations for "one class".   But I think the Monk class NEEDS the best and most varied animations, that should be our thing.

    But imagine EQ with ALL of the weapons I mentioned to be NOT in the game because the Devs said "fist only".  I think that would be a shame.   I hope we have all of the choices and all are very viable. And again Iknow the difficulty for the coders and overall balance.

    On the armor, agree we should have the fewest choices...but let's color code the levels on belts,or gi's so we can show where we are in game.

    I liked the post on the Sai too, forgot about that weapon.   This may be sacriligious, but I'd even like to see some Ninja weapons in game for a Monk:  the Katana and the Ninja-To, smoke bombs etc, and like some other games: a crossbow.



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    October 6, 2020 1:11 PM PDT

    The whole idea of the monk is that their body is a weapon, so everything listed on the new website makes sense. It would be neat to have 1h weapons or 2h like staves but I think if they were to do that, those choices would not be nearly as efficient as fist weapons or unarmed in the end, especially if there are no abilities to support those weapons

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    October 6, 2020 5:40 PM PDT

    Just thought I'd point out that there is a Thread in the general forum that touches on these changes that you might want to read: Druid with no sword, Monk with no Staff

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    November 7, 2020 8:23 AM PST

    I'm ok with Monks having very few weapon choices only because weapon variety is the Warrior's selling point.  If you want to play a class that can use every weapon, play a warrior - but with that versatility also comes a huge dependency.  I think the devs are going with the minimalist Monk theory (no armor, no weapons, but can still outperform combatants that rely on equipment).  

    If you go with the argument of "monks should be able to use a wider variety of weapons" the other side of that same coin can be said for monks wearing heavy leather or light chain armor (since they can already wear light leather) - where is the line drawn and why there?

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    November 9, 2020 3:28 PM PST

    Darch said:

    I'm ok with Monks having very few weapon choices only because weapon variety is the Warrior's selling point.  If you want to play a class that can use every weapon, play a warrior - but with that versatility also comes a huge dependency.  I think the devs are going with the minimalist Monk theory (no armor, no weapons, but can still outperform combatants that rely on equipment).


    Back when I played EQ2 I remember playing my monk character and I would always use different visible clothing or accessories so I didn't have to see my monk running around with a punching weapon thats as big as his arm.  It would be great if the weapons were small enough to not be noticed.  Brass knuckles, steel toe'd boots, small things like that.  Make it so if a monk wants to, he can run around in his underwear and still be a supreme fighter!


    BTW if your looking for a funny little Audible book about a monk, look up Brandon Thighmaster.

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    April 10, 2021 7:20 AM PDT

    Bazgrim said:

    I am kind of a purist and would prefer only handwraps. I'm not a huge fan of fist weapons. But that's probably just because of how I was trained in Muay Thai. Your body IS the weapon.

    However, as there are a multiple martial arts, perhaps the Pantheon Monk could also have multiple specializations available - at least two: Armed and Unarmed. Unarmed would only use handwraps. Your abilities would be combinations of fits, elbows, knees, and kicks. Armed would focus more on the use of bo staves, hanbo staves, nunchakus, etc.

    I'd be quite ok with this Baz, and I'd love to see Unarmed as the faster of the two attacks, less delay, and Armed doing heavier, but slower, damage. On unarmed I'm thinking of the level progression as in EQ...with levels more damage, more attacks and less delay.

    On weapons I'd like to see the short Fighting Batons (my first choice), 2 handed "Bo" staffs, Kukri's, Kama's and Polearms.   I'd also be VERY interested to have them be able to use the Ninja style bladed weapons like a Katana and Ninja-To combo.  And of course Shurikens.

    But everything should be small,light, not too much ornamentation.  Colors or textures  to show rank might be wonderful or garish, dependent upon implementation of course.



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    April 10, 2021 12:16 PM PDT

    The latest Monk animations need a lot of love (back flips...really?).  I am still in love the graceful movements of Bagua Deer Horns.  They are monk weapons.  Bagua, offers a unique style that would make the monk class special.  

    it does not have to be the base class, but it would be awesome to gain this weapon, skill and "animation set"  through adventuring the horizontal leveling system and discovering lore, faction and perception ping required to unlock this fighting system.

    here is a video demostation.  In this form alone is enough moves to create some awesome animations.  I think of the deer horns as a measured response to the calls to weaponize the Monk.   The horns are extentions of the Monks fists 


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    April 13, 2021 4:39 AM PDT

    Yes, I'd be fine with these too! Hopefully VR will let us use weapons in the same classes as the rogues: slashing,piercing, blunt and fist

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