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Third Letter - "A Night of Five Voices, Part 2"

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    January 4, 2015 7:02 PM PST
    Istuulamae said:
    Thank you. Joppa has answered elements of your questions, but I wanted to fill in a few notes: 1. Yes, the name Archai hails from the Greek "arche", though it also appears biblically. The biblical name seems to mean more "ruler", and that is not as accurate for the race. But the name ties into their lore, as should all things, and I'll just say the name was given to the race, far back in their story. 2. Just want to affirm what Joppa said regarding factions. Characters/players in the game should have several options regarding factions within even their own race, in order to reinforce the alignment dynamic beyond simple "Archai = bad guy/ Elf = good guy".

    1. I imagine that the biblical use is probably a bit of  a mistranslated/an overzealous priest translating it to make the religion more relate-able to a feudal society. I mean most of the old testament material was originally in Greek anyways. Fundamental underlying principles can easily become universal rules -> ruler. I am glad to see that my intuition on the name was right though and that it plays into their back story. Really can't wait to hear more.


    2. It is interesting that the players will be able to develop their religious leaning. I remember EQ1 you chose your starting religion but I don't recall many opportunities to change that (someone correct me if I am wrong) and that it was mostly used for factions. While factions won't play into the religious/
    Good v. Bad I do wonder if the reverse is going to be true. If you are heavily aligned dark and you go into a goodly will you be KoS? or at least have bad faction? Will racial traits trump alignment for factions?