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dangers directly linked

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    November 30, 2021 3:21 PM PST

    I made a mistake IRL.
    I dug too greedily, I dug too deep.
    I exposed myself to an airborne menace that caused physical damage.
    Now because my mind has Pantheon categorized as a "happy place" it retreated there.
    In Pantheon:
    I am out harvesting and I fail to perform perception checks, will I trigger a threat?
    If I harvest a plant, could this action trigger a mob of angry Bog Wasps?
    Are there any dangers directly linked to harvesting?
    Besides the obvious danger of the items being located upon the spillway of Goblin Town, where they make foot cheese, and eat lots of foot cheese, causing the very air to be poison. They also have a pet dragon in town, it has mental problems, it keeps forgetting and eating a goblin villager from time to time but they all just go along because having a town dragon is cool.

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    December 1, 2021 11:26 PM PST

    Interesting thought! Stirring up animals when harvesting, or cave-ins when mining, or predators being attracted when harvesting from a hunted created. Lots of possibilities there!

    If this could be linked to perception (and give you some way to prevent the outcome) then this would certainly make harvesting more interesting, and might even prevent some botting?

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    December 6, 2021 6:55 PM PST

    Fun idea. The plant itself could have a higher sentient form of its type in the vicinity that would consider your harvesting to be a crime or affront to nature. So there would be a lot more tension in making each attempt, unless you and your group first sought out the threat...but one alarmist in the bunch and you're all miraclegro. It would be similar to gathering honey. One wrong move and you irritate the bees, causing them to attack, applying damage over time to the harvester. Given that it's Terminus, they would be deadlier and more aggressive than killer bees, so the harvester would need to jump in a lake or teleport out to lose aggro. The list goes on. Trying to mine a bit of ore from the bottom of the dungeon? Doing so too loudly would cause a cavern golem to stir from its restful state and protect the very material from which it was formed. 

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    December 14, 2021 12:39 PM PST

    Leevolen, I like that.  I imagine a weed that is used in a recipe but it is also a main nutrition item for the local fauna.  So I go and collect weed x and in doing so I anger the local beasts.   The local beasts have a call that attracts many others. So I have to have backup to protect me during the harvest or I have to grab whatever I can quick like and then run.  Returning only when the locals have calmed.  This increases the value of the item and spurrs a local criminal gang that genocide the beasts and now we need lawyers to prosecute the gang plus an armed police and taxes to cover expenses....forget it.