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A nice group the Halfling can assemble.

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    September 19, 2021 8:39 AM PDT

    Bard: Druid: Ranger: Rogue: Warrior

    The Halfling have a nice group potential.  

    This is the start of an ideal wraith hunting team I think.

    We have damage, crowd control, health and tank.

    Everyone with the ability to assist and flex roles. Tank may be a little stressed but we could always just slap a wig and lipstick on a wood beam and stick it in the ground for the baddies to thwap. No worries.

    I am getting one of those periodic upswings in excitement with the look at Wilds End and I anticipate the building of the Ranger in the next few months. 

    I know the many hours of bug reporting is ahead but I also know seeing Halflings running around in an MMO will be enlivening to me. Back I the EQ days I was just a lowly tech, in a basement surrounded by led lights, 2 blocks from my apartment. I stayed after close to play and all weekend. Then life hit high gear and I left the gaming world mostly behind. Certainly no MMO adventures. Now I am ready to return to adventure, to make new friends and investigate others imagination and enjoy their storytelling. 

    Halflings to me scream immersive fantasy world fun. I look forward to it all.  

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    September 19, 2021 11:08 AM PDT

    There ya go, getting me all excited to actually start testing in Alpha!


    I hadn't thought of how complete a group the Halflings could make. That's a right solid, adventuring party there without needing to 'import' any roles. Maybe it's not too early to start looking to find a few friends who want to play those various Classes at release, in the hope of actually having a 'battle plan' all ready on day one of alpha?  I'm retired and expect to be able to play many more hours than most of my friends when Release Day comes, and am hoping to get a few groups together who play on a halfway-regular schedule. Getting 'The Wild Bunch' of all Halflings organized might be a good start!

    My current plan is to make a Halfling Ranger. I really like archers and hope to play him primarlily as ranged, except in situations where ranged damage is somehow handicapped. I plan him to also be a Crafter who makes bows.

    Like you, I'm looking forward to recapturing some of the fun I found in my first MMO way back when. My first char in an MMO was an archer (in Asheron's Call). His name was Jothany. That's him in my forum pic, with his crossbow on the wall behind him.

    My guess is that there might be a lot more Rangers than tanks in Wild's End, at least early on. So I'd be happy to try out a Warrior instead, especially for alpha (sorry, I won't be wearing any lipstick). If I like him, I'll start another one at release. I'll still make a Ranger, I'm an altaholic and already planning on playing many Classes. My big goal is to play one char of every Race.


    I checked the Wiki about Crafting while I was writing this and it appears that Bowyer are now defined as making "ranged combat weapons and the ammunitions they need" I guess that has some upside, since fewer players are likely to take on Crafting just to make their own ammo vs. training a Fletching skill. Selling arrows or their comps may be an income source for me after release. The downside is that I plan on having several Crafters, and didn't necessarily want to HAVE to make the Ranger be the woodworker that makes bows.

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    September 22, 2021 1:33 PM PDT

    Jothany, that sounds great.  In fact if we start as both rangers we can test with procedure.  When one of us finds a bug or issue we can have the other run a test.  A verification step if you will. 

    I'll be willing to do that with all the Halfling classes available.  

    I'll have alts but be staying in wilds end.  Most other areas I'll only go to if they need testing the area out and call for aid.  I want to try and keep some of the game world fresh for adventures when the game releases, if possible.  

    I expect to know wilds end like a second home and then crafting a fair amount.  My main ranger will woodwork and cook .  

    I eager for alpha but want to test test test and get to beta asap.  Beta is where I'll travel more and venture forth to level.   Alpha I assume will be lots of bug reports and falling and getting stuck and game crashes. We'll see.

    But a balanced Halfling group would be wonderful to witness.  

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