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Direlord feel

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    June 28, 2021 5:19 PM PDT
    So most of the streams we've seen lately the tank has been the direlord How do you feel that this this class is holding up for tanking and how do you feel we can work with it as a class. Do you guys feel that this class has really been shown maximizing its abilities or is it just Ben played decently and has room to grow with a good player behind it. I think the ai really showed with joppa playing this class has a lot the we could learn and play well with it.
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    July 19, 2021 6:47 AM PDT

    They have been focusing on a few classes at a time, so in the streams of late the primary tank has been the DL and the primary healer has been the SHM.  The streams (thus far) have been more to showcase development progress and game mechanics (and not necessarily an all inclusive demonstration of class capabilities).  If they do something like they have recently done for the monk for each class, I think that would be more indicative a class' capabilities and lend to a player's expectations of that class.  i.e. This is a good one for the Monk:

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    July 19, 2021 10:23 AM PDT
    O do agree but they did a direlord and sham class reveal a few months back. Didn't do the little two minute segment like they've done with the monk and I'm sure that sent some new design elements have come into play now like the monks power up There may be minor revamps to the dire lord but I don't foresee that so much. I don't think the tank classes will get a power up move it's possible as possible the dial word might considering they did state that it'll be the DPS tank. But I can't see that. And I guess really other than watching obviously the questions probably better suited for beta or alpha depending upon what we can make comments on during that time. Or when we can see the other tanks being played as well for a semi-visual comparison.