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    March 19, 2021 4:50 PM PDT
    What do you guys hope this looks and feels like?

    And what about the newbie zone around this area How do you hope it is?
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    March 19, 2021 5:17 PM PDT

    I've kinda pictured somthing close to Sandpeople from StarWars, lots of bones and leather.

    So to go along with that I was guessing a dry desolate newbie yard, no sand though... I hate sand.

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    March 19, 2021 7:38 PM PDT

    "The region itself is miserable to the eye, profane to the nose and a tragedy to the land, which is descrated."  A single monolith of rock, the “Dead Shear", towers up into the sky.  Given their penchant for cannibalism, I'd agree with 'lots of bones'.  A 'robust' population.  Lots of offspring around.

    The Atlas of Terminus - that paragon of information LOL - suggests that Skargol is on a major river delta and surrounded by ocean, thus a moderate climate and lots of water.  Which to me implies greenery, NOT desert.  Plenty of swampy areas interspersed with open, grassy plains. Potentially lots of undergrowth.  Possibly mosquitos the size of birds! Grass huts as dwellings.  As I look at  Skargol on the map and think about the OP's question, I'm considering that the newbie areas here may have a high population of snakes and big, tough lizard type critters - think crocodiles in swamps.

    If this is so, it may be a good place to Specialize the Harvesting of hides.  I believe Nephele recently said "Where you start and where you spend your time will heavily impact what harvesting skills would be useful to you as a crafter."  Gathering good, tough hides interests me because I plan to play 4 classes that wear leather armor, and my 1st Crafter will be a Leatherworker.


    Good Question.



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    March 19, 2021 10:41 PM PDT
    What I'm thinking from the little bit of info on the website and then looking at the map is it there's a huge tower right in the center made of stone and there's a cave system inside it that goes deep underground with probably spiky edges moisture mildew bones blood rot. And of course one of the deep caves is caved in destroyed and where suppose the mother was. I'm sure there's creaky bridges and all kinds of stuff. on the surface from going by the map and the brief reading I think it's marshy with some spiky rocks here and there bones sticking out of the marsh all over the place you have snakes for creatures some probably crows and vultures running around and occasional deer like creature some crocodiles And probably a fair share of half dead or undead running around. Some strange marshmen. And I foul green mist that comes and goes. And then huts made of reeds an mos.