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Harvesting "mini-game" is feature creep...

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    March 12, 2021 11:08 AM PST

    I Know Right!? 

    Also my post above is just a suggestion and example type of thing.  Re reading it seems like im trying to tell someone what to do, which is not my intention. So I do Apoligize if it comes off that way.  

    In all honesty, even if you have to use an ability after you click on a node to gather, it does not really make sense to call that a 'mini-game' anyway. 

    A real mini game would disconect you from the world and you would have to full on react to prompts or follow the Gathering/Crafting ability rotation to get anything. I am Pretty sure that VR and Nef want nothing to do with a system like that. and if there can be a rotation or a 'certain way' to make sure you suceed then bots will just do that, defeating any kind of purpose for them to use it for botting. 

    Something fun could be as simple as you get to pregame (with gear and tools) just like you would with adventuring, and then go explore, to find what you need to gather. Add on the classic Skills and there is allready a nice formula for interactive gameplay where you have to prep and explore side by side with gathering. 

    The next step, I would trust to Nephele and the Team at VR, like is said before, I don't think we should not be worried about a 'mini-game' arcade style whack a mole. 


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    March 12, 2021 11:45 AM PST

    I feel like there's a little bit of freak out for no reason here.

    Neph gave us an example to go along with his "not a mini-game" discussion with Kilsin.  After saying "it's not a mini-game", he went on to say that an example of gameplay in harvesting may be selecting an option that allows you to spend more time on one node to receive more rewrds from the node, or another option for quickly harvesting that node.

    More than one button press to harvest a node?  Maybe.  Overly cumbersome?  Uh... really?

    This is literally all we know about harvesting nodes.  Let's not confuse conversations about crafting gameplay with harvesting gameplay.  Crafting gameplay will be challenging knowing what games Neph likes.  But, we have no knowledge of challenging harvesting outside of the special nodes in hard to reach places which, by design, will require you to have friends to take care of mobs while you harvest.  If you want weps that contend with lootable content, you need to view it as such.  Less making, less harvesting, more xp per and more challenge retrieving special items.  This is not creep, it's exactly what they've been saying it would be, more or less.

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    March 13, 2021 4:08 PM PST
    I'm personally not a big fan of mini games for crafting and stuff I really didn't mind what was in the last stream. I don't mind doing some crafting but I don't want to be tedious That's why I liked what was in the stream It was sensible. Crafting for me will be a kind of a side thing if I don't have time to find groups or something to that effect. Or to help me at the start gear up.
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    March 24, 2021 9:35 PM PDT


    Good point about differentiating additional-gameplay vs "Mini-game". I acknowledge it may not be the best term, hence the quotes " ", since it means you don't accept it as the best term for something. This thread was created in response to the question  asked in Nephs first Crafting stream, so I stuck with it for the sake of brevity.


    Overly cumbersome? Yea, actually. When you consider the mechanics we know are planned such as ...1) Finding a randomly placed node, 2) having the required skill to harvest, 3) required equipment to harvest, 4)having encumberance, and 5) additional gameplay / "Mini-game" to harvest it; Considering all of these running in parallel to harvest one node...thats ALOT going on & makes Pantheons harvesting start lurking into the territory of a survival game scenario.

    Additional Gameplay for Crafting? Sure! That's actually a cool idea to offset the stationary nature of crafting. Perfect scenario for a additional gameplay / "mini-game" feature.

    Additional Gameplay for Harvesting? No thanks; because we already must adventure to find the randomly placed node and must wield both skill & equipment to even gather it, not to mention there are enemies lurking nearby this node you are "engaging" in. At this point #5 sounds more cumbersome than fun and a perfect buzz-kill to your discovery.

    While Neph did clear up some of my concerns in his latest Crafting stream, I still think its unecessary feature creep to add forced additional gameplay to harvesting nodes. It would be a good idea for stationary Crafting though.

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    September 12, 2021 4:39 PM PDT

    For a crafting economy to really work i would think that an engaging, immersive experience with harvesting that is not for everyone would be a good thing.

    Also would like to add that i hope it takes time to do because it is a nice break to have to just be involved in harvesting and crafting for a play session to alleviate the dugeon crawl grind you had the day before. I just look at it in terms of a slow paced fun experience that will last longer than "the one month and done MMO".