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Email / Updates from Pledges

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    October 24, 2020 2:12 AM PDT

    Hey hey,


    i have a PATHFINDER PLEDGE but I don't seem to be receiving any updates nor can I find info about it in my account. I certainly have an email reciept.  Should I be expecting email updates and such or is it just not there yet?




    Sephrok / Mingle

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    October 24, 2020 1:37 PM PDT

    When signed in you can click the "my pledge" link at the top right of any forum page. If doing so tells you that you have the Pathfinder's pledge, and you have an email verification, that is all the notice you should expect......UNTIL they send out notices that Alpha is starting. Since we're still in pre-Alpha, Alpha is still in the future. Maybe some months, maybe a year, who knows?

    If anything still seems amiss, just click the 'support' link at the top and send in a ticket with your questions. They'll make sure everything is in order.


    I'm currently saving up so I can upgrade to Pathfinder's by the time they announce Alpha. Which they have assured us will be impossible to miss :)

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