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Spell reference from DL stream on 25 Sept 2020

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    September 29, 2020 1:19 PM PDT

    I didn't see any DL specific discussion of the stream yet ( Thought I'd put the spells Joppa described for reference here.

    Note: Joppa said these are abilities DL will have available around lvl 30. Obviously anything here can change, nothing is set in stone!

    I've grouped the abilities by Utility and Action, for the upper and lower hotkey bars.


    Utility abilities:

    Relentless Vitality
    - health regeneration increased up to 20% depending on current HP
    - no CD, GCD 1s, TT (target type): self

    Torrential Veins
    - blood state, increases base health regeneration by 1 and essence generation by 20%
    - CD 1s, GCD 1s, TT: self

    Vital Cage
    - wrap yourself in essence for 2s, reducing next source of spell damage by 50%
    - 30 essence, CD 8s, GCD 1s, TT: self
    => fully mastered: 20 essence, returns 10 essence when hit, reduces next source of spell damage by 100%

    - animate essence around you for 10s, when hit by physical damage, it will return 8% of the damage back to enemy within 5m
    - 25 essence, CD 1min, GCD 1s, TT: self

    Nightmare Blood
    - blood state, applies 10% of all damage you deal as bonus threat
    - CD 1s, GCD 1s, TT: self

    - duration of fear is reduced by 50%
    - CD none, GCD 1s, TT: self

    Sanguine Shield
    - create shield of essence for 5s, reducing damage of all projectiles in frontal arc of you by 20% and increasing essence by 4 when damage is absorbed
    - 30 essence, CD 30s, GCD 1s, TT: self

    Dire Mark
    - mark a group or raid member for 10s, when they're hit 25% of the damage will be redirected to you
    - 15 essence, range 25m, CD 1min, GCD 1s, TT: defensive

    Sanguince Cloak
    - increases magic resistence by 5
    - CD none, GCD 1s, TT: self

    Dark Revenge
    - after being critically hit, your next Thresh will heal you for 25% of the damage it deals over 5s
    - CD none, GCD 1s, TT: self

    Essence Leech
    - blood state, increases physical crit chance by 5%, critical hits will heal you for 10% of the damage dealt
    - CD 1s, GCD 1s, TT: self


    Action abilities:

    Sanguine Blade
    - 125% weapon damage, restores 10% of total HP
    - 40 essence, range 3m, CD 10s, GCD 1s, TT: offensive
    => fully mastered: 30 essence, CD 8s, restores 15% of total HP

    Provoking Phantoms
    - taunt, each attack adds a stack on the target (up to 20), each stack increases hate generation by 10%. only usable on one target.
    - range 15m, CD 20s, GC 1s, TT: offensive

    - 200% weapon damage, causes bleed for 20% of inflicted damage over 10s
    - 40 endurance, range 3m, CD 10s, GCD 1s, TT: offensive

    Deafening Whisper
    - interupt enemy spell casting and silence them for 4s (melee range only)
    - 30 essence, range 3m, CD 6s, GCD 1s, TT: offensive

    Essence Thief
    - gap closer, manifest at location of an enemy up to 15m away, generates 20 essence
    - range 15m, CD 30s, GCD 1s, TT: offensive

    Leaden Blood
    - corrupts the blood of an enemy, snaring them for 5s, then rooting them for another 3s
    - 20 essence, range 10m, CD 20s, GCD 1s, TT: offensive

    - purge most recent poison or disease effect
    - 40 essence, CD 2min, GCD 1s, TT: self
    => fully mastered: 30 essence, CD 1:30min, after cleansing an effect spread it to an enemy within 10m

    - reduce magic resistance of enemy by 2 and destroy 10% of their mana over 10s, and in that time regenerate 2 essence every 2s. only usable on targets with mana
    - 40 essence, range 15m, CD 1min, GCD 1s, TT: offensive
    => fully mastered: CD 45s, usable on all targets, restores 4 essence (on mana targets) or 2% of HP (on non-mana targets)

    - spreads 1 detrimental effect on the enemy to 4 additional enemies within 5m of the target
    - 30 essence, range 5m, CD 1min, GCD 1s, TT: offensive


    Feel free to discuss :)

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    September 29, 2020 4:08 PM PDT

    One thing I found interesting is that the 'heal' effects the Dire Lord has available have been altered a bit.

    The heal from 'Thresh' was removed and then re-added as part of the passive ability called 'Dark Revenge' that only allows your Thresh to heal after you have been Critically hit. This heal is now not based on your Total health but is now a Lifesteal of 25% of the damage dealt with Thresh. 'Dark Revenge' used to cause you to Heal back a portion of any Crit you took. This means it's more important for you to be actively aware of things and time your Thresh rather than just passively able to get heals whenever you wanted.

    The other ability that was a Heal was 'Abyssal Strike' which is not on this list above, which suggests it's higher than level 30, or perhaps a rare to find ability.

    We also have 'Sanguine Blade' which does damage and is a 10% (15% with Mastery) heal on a 10 sec (8 sec after Mastery) cooldown. It's possible this is a rename of the Abyssal Strike ability ???. Of note it does not make clear if this Heal effect happens on every Cast regardless if the ability hits and does damage, or if it requires the ability to successfully hit the enemy in order to grant the heal.

    On the list above, the only other 'heal' effect is on 'Essense Leach' which gives you 10% lifesteal on the damage from your Crits. This used to be 50% lifesteal.

    Now I'm not as worried about the balance between tanks as some of you have been over the years, since I will assume that they will work hard to get it right, but it's interesting to see these changes.


    One other thing I wanted to bring up. I had asked in chat about 'Dire Mark' seeming to be a rather group friendly ability when Joppa had told a PantheonPlus interview that the Dire Lord was meant to be a Selfish Tank. Joppa responded in chat and said "Let's just say Dire Lords have a few reasons they might want their health to be lower."

    But with the above list of abilities there does not seem to be any 'bonus' to having lower health. So we will need to wait and see what other abilities might be out there that make 'Dire Mark' a selfish ability for Dire Lords.

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    September 29, 2020 11:13 PM PDT

    I would think that abilities that miss/are resisted won't provide their positive effect. In the stream, Joppa had Provoking Phantoms resisted for example. I was wondering if that was an actual resist against some kind of resistance, or a "miss" of the ability.

    But you're right, there doesn't seem to be much positive for having lower health (Relentless Vitality increases your HP regen then, but as a tank you'll probably not want to rely on regen). Of course, at higher levels other abilities could make it more interesting (perhaps a passive that increases your damage the lower HP you have? Berserker anyone? ;)

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    October 21, 2020 12:22 PM PDT

    Sarim said:

    Of course, at higher levels other abilities could make it more interesting (perhaps a passive that increases your damage the lower HP you have?  ;)

    This is what I thought of too.  I think the abilities sound fun and engaging compared to just mashing a button every time the ability is available - and it sounds as though you could be punished for using abilities at the wrong time, but rewarded if you are able to pay attention (and have low latency with good FPS lol).

    I'm always meta-gaming as well as thinking about how things will work in PvP - I still think the DL will be a beast in PvP with gap closers, silence, spell immunity, snare and self heals.  Players likely won't be able to do as much bursty damage as an NPC, so those 10 & 15% self heals will be rough to deal with in PvP.

    Add:  If the DL wore Plate (even "light plate") this would be the class for me.

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    October 21, 2020 11:06 PM PDT

    Darch said:

    Add:  If the DL wore Plate (even "light plate") this would be the class for me.

    Tell ya what. If you make one, I'll help you mug a Cleric when we get in game!