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Concentrated chaos and humor.

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    September 14, 2020 5:44 AM PDT

    Halfling Ranger , resourceful, quick, can survive in the wild and I'll be hunting the wraith demons in all the dark corners.
    But the mischievous angle of the race allows me to strech into the fantasy world and engage some personally traits that I can't employ IRL.
    I foresee my little fellow running off to get a wraith even if the group is resting, because I just can't resist.
    I foresee the group looking for me as I have wandered off foraging for berries and mushrooms.
    I'll be unexpectedly bold: a new add just spawned in and is about to cause chaos? I'll pull agro and draw it away and trap that sucker for the moments needed to allow the group to prepare.
    I'll see how big a "train" I can make:) just for the laugh.
    I'll be an expert at corpse runs I'm sure.
    Just remember, if your in a group with a halfling, and a wraith is spotted it's not unlike walking with a dog when you both spy a squirrel.


    I have hope that the Halfling will have some other little talent or skill to highlight the wild nature of them. A forage buff or tracking advantage. Something not related to combat or magic, but a reflection of the intimate understanding of the birds and bees and flowers and trees.

    Love the style VR has with the Halfling too.  Color.  They suffered and survived, they will celebrate like the song bird and take on it's color and cheer. These are bold and energetic halflings more a Took than a Baggins and with a feral edge. 

    Can't wait.