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    September 12, 2020 1:47 PM PDT

    I posted about this spell in the Champions forums quite some time ago, and I'm posting it here in the hopes that it gets a little more discourse going. It's one of the great spells that was first introduced in Dark Age of Camelot (I think DAoC was the first to introduce it in an MMO), and I haven't stumbled upon anything like it in Pantheon.

    The spell itself was called Nearsight and it basically reduced the distance any ranged spell / ability could be cast / used from by reducing the distance a mob could 'see' by a specific percentage. It’s a great way of drawing casters, or archers, (well, any mob casting spells, or using ranged abilities, really) toward your group when you’re unable to force them to move closer due to risk of pulling additional mobs. It’s a real pain when a ranged mob is attacking you whilst surrounded by other mobs, so this spell can be very helpful from that perspective; it reduced range by a certain percentage and it scaled up at higher levels (65% reduction was the highest level).

    It’s not crowd control in the purest sense, but it allows for some great gameplay and tactical decisions. For example, if a caster was nuking the group from a distance, and it was also being healed by another mob from even further back, being able to reduce the range of the casting mob would bring it forward so you can engage it, forcing the healer to move also. From there you could also reduce the range of the healer (by casting nearsight on it) to draw them both close enough to engage without fear of pulling every other mob that was previously within close proximity of them.

    In short, I think Nearsight would be an awesome addition to the Enchanter spellbook!

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    September 18, 2020 3:33 PM PDT
    I would love to see Nearsight and many more abilities like it. I could see it being a Shaman ability just as easily as an EEnchanter one.

    The more abilities we get that alter the battlefield, the more dynamic and tactical combat becomes. This keeps it feeling fun and fresh for much longer.