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The 'Disdain for Other Races'

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    September 9, 2020 5:25 AM PDT

    So our guild spent some time last night mulling over just what it means for the Dark Myr to harbor a 'vast disdain for other races'. While we know the Myr have been described as both proud and embittered, we haven't necessarily seen any clear representations of this in what lore we've been provided thus far, though we have been given glimpses as to why the race posseses that outlook.

    At first glance, it might be easy to cast the Dark Myr in the same light as your 'typical' xenophobic, holier-than-thou fantasy 'racists', if only because this is the trope through which we most commonly see such fantasy concepts take shape. But upon further reflection, this feels disingenuous and overly-simplified.

    One of our officers summarized our interpretation-thus-far, which I wanted to share here for the sake of further debate:

    The Myr aren’t racist. They aren’t remotely prejudiced. Rather, their distrust and dislike stems from a lack of empathy and a more generalized, collective narcissism. They lack the capacity to understand how other races may have suffered in their own arrivals. They’re so preoccupied with their own misery that they’ve lost the ability to relate - or if nothing else, see the suffering of any other race as less poignant as their own.

    The Myr lost their goddess and they lost her violently. They blame the very world they came to for this and they’ve no reason to trust or enjoy the company of anything that also occupies that world. Much like we learn about a people in the story of another popular MMO, the Myr are keenly aware of what they’ve lost and what they’ve sacrificed. And now their primary goal is to recreate a past that is so far behind them now that it may as well have never existed. And their misery colors everything they do.

    So they create these gilded palaces and fill them with decadent things in an effort to fill that void. Never once thinking that maybe joining the greater world hand in hand may better serve that need. They would much rather cling to an idea of superiority than confront the reality that there is no returning to that happier time.

    This, and the events depicted in the lore we've been given thus far have shown us that the Myr have already seen what happens when they attempt to cooperate with the other races for the greater good. The Myr helped and not only did they receive nothing in return - they incurred even greater loss. The other races essentially abandoned them.

    In the end, the root of the Myr culture appears to be a selfish devotion to realizing past glory, but the best they can do is fake it and take what they want by force where possible.

    I'm curious to hear others' takes on it. How do you perceive the relationship between the Dark Myr and the other races based on what we know thus far?

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    September 14, 2020 9:26 AM PDT
    I think that's a very interesting take on Myr psychology and a very believable explanation. It will also make RPing as Myr much richer with less devolving into cheap overt racism and xenophobia. Ingrained prejudice in fantasy & science fiction as an allegory for our current problems has served its purpose, but now it's time to dial it back. Its gone from shinning a light on it to unintentionally reinforcing the idea that prejudice is a normal, common problem that is just part of life and thus it's not viewed as something that can be eliminated.
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    November 8, 2020 2:41 PM PST

    I think this hits the nail on the head. This is basically the same reason I've argued that it's a misnomer to label the Dark Myr an "evil" race -- as easy as that may be considering they share a continent with the Ogres and Skar. Jaded and mistrusting is much more accurate than blatantly "evil."

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    November 8, 2020 6:10 PM PST

    @Bazgrim your statement seems to suggest that while you think Myr shouldn't be labelled as 'Evil' automatically, you do it while suggesting that Ogre's and Skar should be automatically labelled as 'Evil'.

    Why do we always devolve into 'Good' vs 'Evil'?

    It seems like any time a group or individual displays any trait that we think of as Negative or perhaps 'sinful' (if we can use that word), it becomes common for them to be categorized as just simply 'Evil'. If a person is selfish... oh he is Evil... if a man is Greedy... oh he is Evil. Would we not all be Evil then? Every man or woman has negative traits and behaviors that others would call Evil.

    Do these negative traits cancel out the positive ones? An Ogre mother who loves her child (positive trait) and shares her food (positive trait) with this child, may also be greedy (negative trait) and steal (negative trait) food from her neighbour. Is she inherently Good but does some bad things? Or is she inherently Evil but sometimes does good things?

    When it comes to Pantheon Factions... Joppa always tries to point out that these are mearly representing ones relationships with other groups. Ogre's and Humans are at odds not because one is Evil and the other is Good, but simply a representation of their relationship with each other. Similar to how the USA is friendly with Canada and yet Hostile towards Russia. This is not because Canadians are inherently Good and Russians are inherently Evil... but rather because of the agreements or disagreements between these nations.

    So an Ogre who builds up his faction with Humans is not 'becoming Good' but rather is just proving he is trustworthy for the Humans who were initially hostile towards him because he came from a group they were traditionally hostile towards. The same would be said for a Human who improved his faction with the Ogre city, as he is not 'becoming Evil' but rather is just showing the Ogre's that this Human at least should not be discounted simply because of the Hostilities between the Ogre and Humans.

    The point of this thread and AstralEcho's post was to discuss 'why' the Dark Myr have hostile feelings towards the other races. It's a commentary on the reasons they teach their children to distrust or have 'distain' for the other races. This is not about 'what' they feel, but rather about 'why' they feel that way. Obviously words like Racisim and Xenophobia get thrown around, but AstralEcho's guild wants to point out that it's more about the trauma that they feel based on their past rather than any ingrained hatred for those who are 'other'. Their guild wants us to transcend just calling something Racist and instead dig deeper and find out the what and why of the hostilities between the Dark Myr and the other peoples of this planet.

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    March 6, 2021 10:06 AM PST

    Of all of the current races, the only one I would even consider remotely "evil" by their "nature" would be the Skar (according to their story).  I really hated how my Dark Elf was treated throughout my entire experience of playing EQ for like 7 years - when even though my character busted his ass saving the realm and raising faction with some entities, some NPCs were still hyper racist toward me.  (Seriously dude?  I just defeated a god to protect your village and you're going to say "my kind isn't welcome around here?")  LoL.